Discount Lift Rentals Now Leases 5000 Lbs to 36,000 Lbs Forklifts for Long Term Rental

Discount Lift Rentals, a local, privately-owned forklift rental company, is committed to serving the greater Houston metropolitan area with high quality Houston forklift rentals.

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Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 06, 2014

Discount Lift Rentals is quickly becoming an important business fixture in the local Houston community. As a local, privately-owned company, Discount Lift Rentals is an important employer in the Houston area. Committed to serving the Houston community, Discount Lift Rentals is dedicated to providing affordable Houston forklift rental services. With flexible plans and affordable pricing, the company’s Houston forklift rental services are ideal for a number of different project types, from small jobs to large-scale commercial construction projects and everything in between. They have the largest fleet of forklifts ranging from 5000 lbs to 36,000 lbs, which are now available for long term rental for rental period for more than a year.

Discount Lift Rentals offers flexible, affordable Houston forklift rental leasing agreements. The company strives to best accommodate the diverse needs of its wide array of clients throughout the Houston community and recognizes that different job types require different leasing agreements with different leasing timeframes and parameters. In conjunction with affordable rental leases, the company also offers affordable and flexible insurance plans. When companies or individuals rent a forklift from Discount Lift Rentals, they are only required to purchase insurance for the allocated rental time, or the specific timeframe in which the forklift is being used. When a forklift is just siting on site idly – either before, after, or in between jobs – renters are not required to pay insurance on it.

Discount Lift Rentals also boasts an expert service sector. The company only makes use of the highest-quality equipment and offers replacement parts and repair services for every single brand that they carry. Experienced, qualified staff continuously work with clients to determine the best forklift to meet their needs, taking into consideration product weight, allocated space, and turf type. Already renowned for Houston forklift rentals, the company is currently in the process of expanding throughout the state of Texas. For more information, visit today.

About Discount Lift Rentals

Discount Lift Rentals is a local, privately-owned company that has been serving the greater Houston metropolitan area. With over two decades of experience in the forklift industry, the company has worked with a wide variety of contractors, industries, and manufacturers across a range of different sectors. In their twenty years of experience, Discount Lift Rentals has accumulated a wide range of experience with construction problems and their solutions. The company strives to offer flexible, high-quality forklift rental services, offering affordable services, the best equipment, and the most flexible lease agreements.


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Discount Lift Rentals Discount Lift Rentals

Discount Lift Rentals

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