New Funeral Trends Pave Way for Non-Traditional Memorial Services

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant Offers Useful, Yet Sensitive, Advice for Celebrating Life as Guest Blogger on In The Light Urns Blog

Three Rivers, California (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

The “In the Light Urns” blog is a place where industry professionals and others sensitive to the needs of the grieving process share useful advice. One of the topics that have come up repeatedly is celebrating life in non-traditional ways.

Cremation rates are rising each month throughout the nation. Because of this, there are more people looking for something different from a traditional graveside service to memorialize their loved ones. Susan Fraser, the founder and CEO of “In the Light Urns,” invited Kateyanne Unullisia to help readers understand how to make a cremation ceremony is and different ways of celebrating life with such ceremony.

Ms. Unullisia’s blog post offers advice for how to make a cremation ceremony a memorable and unique time. The post offers information on creating a themed memorial ceremony, raising money for a non-profit or charity and even information on cremation urns or other options on what to do with the ashes. “In the Light Urns” is pleased to offer this advice in an easy-to-digest blog post format. While this important blog post provides plenty of actionable tips and tricks, it all comes down to just “doing it.”

Ms. Unullisia’s post states: “The most important thing is to do it. Hold a ceremony to honor your loved one’s life. Make it special and meaningful – for you and your loved one, and for all the people who make up your community.”

The blog at “In the Light Urns” is just the beginning when it comes to useful information. The company itself is focused on helping people celebrate life during one of the most difficult times. The website itself is a valuable resource. It is highly recommended that those who are trying to figure out what type of ceremony or memorial to host check out the site and find some excellent ideas as well as words of wisdom.

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