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In a recent article on 13th May 2014 by Hayley Dixon, the Telegraph reported on the latest from the continuing trial of accusations of child sex offences against Rolf Harris.

with the right evidence you can resolve issues, and make informed decisions about how to proceed if action is necessary

According to a Telegraph article by Hayley Dixon dated 13th May 2014: Rolf Harris and his alleged victim enjoyed a 'sexual chemistry the continuing trial of Rolf Harris at Southwark Crown Court (case number T20130553) has brought to light a number of alleged incidences that took place during period of 1968 and 1986. Harris is facing charges of 12 counts indecent assault from this time, including accusations that he had groomed one of his daughter’s friends as a child, and had assaulted her at the age of 13.

According to the Telegraph article by Hayley Dixon dated 13th May 2014, the alleged victim has also accused Harris of continuing to abuse her during her teenage years. The Telegraph article revealed some of the defence counsels key responses to these accusations. Sonia Woodley, the defending QC, informed the court that Rolf Harris had engaged in a relationship with the alleged victim, but this had occurred when she was 18 years old. The court was told that the alleged victim had been jealous when Harris’ daughter Bindi had become friends with another girl, and they had started drifting apart. The alleged victim was then said to have started flirting with Bindi’s dad, and a consensual relationship had developed.

The Telegraph article by Hayley Dixon dated 13th May 2014 goes on to say that the defence counsel revealed that on one occasion the alleged victim had been staying at the family home in Bray, Berkshire, whilst Bindi was in her own flat on the grounds. The defence told the court of an incident that occurred when Harris had brought her in a cup of tea in the morning, “because you were jealous you flirted with Rolf Harris, you grabbed his elbow as if guiding him to sit on the bed”.

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