New Book: '50 Easy & Effective Ways To Stay Safe From Crime: Keep Yourself, Family, Home, Possessions, & Identity Free From Theft & Assault'

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Rey Thomas, America’s Safety, Security, & Health Coach™, offers his readers a clear blueprint on how to effectively safeguard the people and possessions that are important to them as we approach the long, hot summer.

This book is for young adults out on their own, spouses home alone, older parents and grandparents. We all need a refresher course in safety periodically, and this book does just that for the whole family.

It's a great time of year. Schools are out. The days are getting longer. The weather is getting better. But unfortunately, great weather can bring out bad people.

In his new book, '50 Easy & Effective Ways To Stay Safe From Crime: Keep Yourself, Family, Home, Possessions & Identity Free From Theft & Assault,' Rey Thomas, America’s Safety, Security, & Health Coach,™ gives his readers important and timely tips on how to protect their families, cars, and homes, this summer, and beyond.

"Statistics show that hot summers have a tendency to produce a bigger increase in violence than cooler summers, so now is a great time for people to get a little refresher course in safety and security," says Thomas. "What I do in the book is detail smart steps that anyone can take that will make their lives and the lives of their families safer, while also protecting their cars and their homes."

Kids and teens are especially vulnerable during the summer break, specifically children 14 and under, who see an increase in drownings, car-related accidents, and bicycle injuries. Homes and automobiles are at greater risk because people drive more often than during the winter months and more people leave home for vacations.

"This book is really not just for the buyer," says Thomas. "It’s for the young adult who is going to start her first job or who is moving out of the house into her first apartment. It’s for the spouse who is home every day with children when the other spouse is on the road traveling for business. It’s for the older parents or grandparents, who have, as they have gotten older, become a little more lax in thinking about their safety. It’s for the family that’s traveling on vacation and staying in hotel rooms. My hope is that people read the book, share it with others, and stay as safe and secure as they possibly can."

Thomas, whose wife and father are military veterans, points out that active duty service members and their spouses are, unfortunately, growing targets of identity fraud and other theft crimes. Because of that, Thomas dedicated the book "to the men and women, military, police, fire, and first responders, at home and abroad, including my Father, Robert M. “Mitch” Thomas, World War II Veteran and recipient of The Bronze Star For Heroic Achievement In Battle, who have served, and continue to serve, this great country of ours, and who sacrifice every day to keep all of us safe from those that would do us harm."

"Those people, those many unsung heroes, are really who help keep us safe and secure," says Thomas. "If this book can help just one of them keep their own families safe, then for me, it's a great success. So to help do just that, the book will be available for download at no charge for one day, Friday, June 13th, on the Amazon Kindle."

About the author

Rey Thomas is America’s Safety, Security, & Health Coach.™ Rey’s security background includes his years with one of the largest providers of security services in North America, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom. Whether through uniformed officers, investigations & screenings, consulting, facility design, or executive protection, Rey worked with clients to develop Crime Reduction Strategies, Safety & Security Assessments, and Health & Wellness Programs to address all levels of potential vulnerabilities. Rey is also a multi-year veteran of the insurance and health care industry, including time with three of the major corporations in that sector. Working with Corporate Clients, Foundations, and Non-Profits, Rey helped design and implement Marketing and Community Relations programs, initiatives, and campaigns, designed to combat the health & wellness issues affecting America, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. More information can be found on his website:

50 Easy & Effective Ways To Stay Safe From Crime: Keep Yourself, Family, Home, Possessions & Identity Free From Theft & Assault.

ISBN-13: 978-1499700008
ISBN-10: 1499700008

Available at, Amazon Kindle, at, and at bookstores everywhere.

EDITORS: The book will be available for download at no charge on the Amazon Kindle on Friday, June 13th. For additional review copies or interview requests, contact:

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