New Book Reveals the Road to Better Parenting and More Happiness

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Author Judith Joy shares the key to surviving your teenager and becoming "a happier you."

"Sometimes when our children are in the throes of growing up, we get so wrapped up in the drama that we forget who we really and truly are. Yelling, threatening, punishing, and living in turmoil becomes the norm . . . but it doesn't have to be that way. We can be loving, supportive, and encouraging, and still hold the boundaries that are so important while feeling calm and peaceful on the inside." So says Judith Joy, empowerment coach, mom, and author of the just-published book, "Surviving Your Teenager...And Being Happy Anyway" (Indigo River Publishing, 2014. All of Judith's royalties from this book will be donated to children-related non-profits*).

The key to surviving your teenager, according to Joy, is to change how you react to all of the crazy stuff your teenager will throw in your path. Joy has found that you can let go of the ludicrous idea that you can only be as happy as your unhappiest child if you find the joy that is already within you. "You can look within yourself and make the choice to be happy," Joy shares, "by learning to listen to your intuition and trust what shows up.”

Joy believes it's a question of changing your perspective. "If you change the way you look at something, it changes. "Keep your options open," Joy advises, "and allow for the possibility that it can get better and better. The better you feel, the better it gets."

It wasn't always easy for Joy, herself, to follow the path to inner happiness. Her own journey of discovery and spirituality began with headaches. "Throughout the years, I managed to listen to others instead of myself. As a result, my body developed a mechanism to get my attention – headaches. These headaches also helped to support false beliefs about myself," she recounts. "Newly married at 26, my then-husband noticed that I had constant headaches. I hadn’t even noticed that they were daily. That is how much I didn’t pay attention to myself. So, I began the search for a solution."

While on the journey, she became immersed in alternative and integrative medicine, and started on the path to angels, universal energy, spirituality, energy healing, releasing, IBMS, Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness and more. All this learning developed into empowerment coaching. "For me, it is about untangling the energy to allow new possibilities to come in, visualizing the possibilities, and harmonizing your feelings and rules to empower and uncover the real you. It is about you being in the flow and saying an emphatic YESSS to life," Joy says.

Whether it's related to surviving your teenagers or life's unexpected detours, Joy believes it's possible to be happy. "You can rediscover the happy you that is already there," she coaches, "by changing your perspective and paying attention to how you feel. You are the only person you can change directly. Once you make those changes, you'll find yourself being a better parent by continually tapping into your own happiness." Her new book will share her wisdom with parents of teenagers, and everyone who wants happiness.

"Surviving Your Teenager: And Being Happy Anyway"
By Judith Joy
Indigo River Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9860493-1-6

  • All of Judith's royalties from this book will be donated to children-related non-profits via Royalty Days. The author explains, "All my royalties (from every sale) will be donated to a children-related non-profits. If you know of or have a 501c3 children-related non-profit organization and are interested in participating in Royalty Days, please let us know."

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