New Computer Runs Native Web Apps For Businesses

A Tennessee company has announced Uboxu, an all new computer system that runs standard web code, instead of typical computer software. Now, any web creator can create business software.

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"We think Uboxu has the potential to double the income of most web creators..."

Nashville, Tennessee (PRWEB) June 09, 2014

Today, Uboxu announces its new computer system that is the first in the world to run open standards web code instead of proprietary software. The computer is placed in a business location, and any web creator can use standard web code to create and run business apps on that computer.

"We think Uboxu has the potential to double the income of most web creators, while at the same time reducing software costs to businesses," says Scott Snoyer, founder and CEO of Uboxu. "Today, web creators can earn a living either building web sites, or building cloud apps. Uboxu is a third way for these millions of web pros to earn income — by offering these new services to their existing clients, and by using them to go get new clients. We think that's pretty amazing news for anybody working in the web development field."

Uboxu offers a tiny $299 computer that can be used for any imaginable business computing purpose — from digital signage, to accounting, to booking or scheduling, and more. Since it runs standard web code, any web developer can create software for the new platform — giving these millions of working web creators an immediate path to getting new business, and increasing their income using their existing skills.

Uboxu is presently being launched to web developers with a campaign on, where web creators interested in seeing the platform go to market can make pledges and receive rewards ranging from free accounts, to discounted Uboxu computers.

Uboxu is a startup computer manufacturing company located in Nashville, Tennessee, recently spun out of Brand Imaging Group, one of America's fastest growing sign and print companies.