Crossfire Alarms Develops 3-in-1 Protection System

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Dallas Alarm Company Uses Unique Sensor Design to Protect Against Heat, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide

Crossfire Alarms

Crossfire Alarms of Dallas, TX has developed the most advanced technology to warn of danger in a home, said a company representative Thursday. By utilizing multiple sensing technologies, they provide a home with three-in-one protection that warn a household of dangers from heat, smoke and carbon monoxide. They achieve this through placing their sensors in three different alarms but connecting them through one network.

Crossfire Alarms notify of three specific dangers: smoke, heat and carbon monoxide. Each alarm is programmed to detect a specific type of danger in a given space. Their alarms are made to work with each other, setting off each alarm in a home after danger is detected by one alarm. The interconnected alarms make it safer for families to be immediately aware of a danger in the home.

Crossfire’s smoke alarms work to identify both smoldering and flaming fire scenarios. They achieve this with optical sensors and rate of rise heat sensors on each smoke alarm. The heat alarms are made to sense a rise in temperature in rooms where smoke alarms should not be placed, such as garages, laundry rooms, attics and unfinished basements. These two types of alarms work to warn people of the earliest threat of a fire. Crossfire’s carbon monoxide alarms use electro-chemical sensors to detect a dangerous rise in carbon monoxide in a room. Crossfire utilizes a quartz crystal timing device to achieve the most accurate timing mechanism. This allows quicker response times to fire, smoke and carbon monoxide.

All three types of Crossfire alarms are designed to go off when any others are activated. In the event of a fire, all smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms in the home will sound. In addition, Crossfire’s interconnected alarms work to let the homeowner know of the origin of the danger, making it safer to get out of the home and avoid the dangerous area.

The Crossfire three-in-one interconnected alarms are made to give the earliest possible warning in order to save lives.

About Crossfire Alarms

Crossfire Alarms provides the highest quality smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms available for homes. Crossfire is a brand manufactured by Applied Fire Technologies, and focuses on making interconnected alarms that serve to save lives and give homeowners peace of mind.

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