Fine Herbal Incense Company Offers Rare Lines of Legal Herbal Incense for Online Purchase, Finally Back Open to the Public

It's been over 8 months since the the consumer direct side of FHI had closed its doors amidst much speculation; that changed quietly in May of this year, when past registered users of the website began receiving mysterious and downright cryptic messages like, “The buds are back at” The best herbal incense that is normally reserved for wholesalers is now available to the public, and priced to fly off their virtual shelves.

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Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) June 06, 2014

Fine Herbal Incense carries products that are legal in 47 states and they ship directly to consumers. normally offers high quality legal incense brands like Diablo Incense, Bizzarro, Nice Guy Herbal Incense, and Platinum Caution Incense only to smoke shops. Now the website has quietly reemerged online and includes offers for public buyers in addition to their wholesale retail. This has been an unexpected delight for many loyal fans. Brian Dempson, the Operations Manager is spearheading the effort. When Brian was asked why the company chose to offer their incense to the public, he said, ''Our fans made us. We love our wholesale customers, and we feel that our company was ready to directly deal with its fans and start selling our products to them as well. We love the feedback, the interaction with social media, and we want to really step things up this time. (Fine Herbal Incense) is ready give the people what they want.”

Brian has been been a leader in this effort and is “deeply committed to it's success.“ The company even launched their campaign by offering 50% off every customer's order for the month of May -- unlimited. Orders from the public were pouring in, and the owners couldn't have been happier (or busier!). Midnight of May 31st marked the close of the incredible 50% off coupon. This coupon was available to use on nearly every popular incense brand they carried. The company doesn't want new customers to feel as if they've been left out though. Brian, with a smile, said, “The company wants new customers to always have access to great deals on the most popular brands we carry. Brands that are trending, you know?” We asked what the most popular brands were and were told that in May with the coupon discount added their top sellers were: Diablo Incense (3g) for $10, Mr Marley Incense (3g) for $10, Mr Nice Guy Herbal (3g) for $10, WTF incense (by Mr Nice Guy) (3g) for $10.

The list goes on and includes 15 brands with 3 grams for less than $15:
WTF by Mr. Nice Guy
Platinum Caution
Scooby Snax
Bomb Marley
King Gorilla
King Kong
Mad Hatter Incense Special (3 pack 3 grams)
Purple Diesel
Mad Monkey
Sexy Monkey
Mr Nice Guy
Alice in Wonderland

"We could have lost our shirts with that offer! We were already taking serious losses, but it's by design. We planned for it, and if our estimations are within 7% of how the books look once we've accounted for everything, there should be new life on this side of the business, proof positive that we made the right decision opening. And we'll have one hell of a lot of happy customers. That's what it boils down to." Brian was more than pleased, and says there will be more discounts every month for customers that follow their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Big talk for sure, but this is a bold move that so far looks like it has panned out for the company. The next few months will be very interesting for the company's growth, and there will certainly be a lot of eyes on Fine Herbal.

*Fine Herbal Incense does not condone, encourage, or endorse human consumption of any incense product. That is not its intended purpose. FHI explicitly warns against this.


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