FAA-Certified Aviation Manufacturer ‘Worldwide Aeros’ Rebrands; Structures Its Entities To Efficiently Produce And Operate New Fleet Of Cargo Airships

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‘Aeroscraft Corporation’ and Newly Formed Subsidiaries Established To Support Manufacturing and Operations of the Aeroscraft Fleet

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“This new corporate structure will help streamline production, business development and operational services for the new Aeroscraft fleet that will support commercial cargo logistics and e-commerce distribution globally with new capabilities.”

Worldwide Aeros Corp., a privately-held aviation innovator established in the United States in 1994, commonly known as ‘Aeros,’ will be modifying and expanding its corporate structure to support forthcoming global cargo delivery operations utilizing the Aeroscraft. The corporate structure is motivated to suit commercial Aeroscraft production and leasing. Aeroscraft Corporation is shifting its focus toward being a design, production and operating business for the Aeroscraft fleet of vertical-lift, heavy cargo dirigibles while continuing to engage in Government research and development programs for traditional lighter-than-air (LTA) technologies. ‘Aeros’ has rebranded to ‘Aeroscraft Corporation’ with its headquarters in California.

“The new corporate structure will support and facilitate the production and successful introduction of a global point-to-point network for air cargo delivery,” explains Igor Pasternak, CEO of Aeros, adding, “This new corporate structure will help streamline production, business development and operational services for the new Aeroscraft fleet that will support commercial cargo logistics and e-commerce distribution globally with new capabilities.”

Aeroscraft Corporation will become the holding company for the Aeroscraft’s manufacturing, flight operations and logistics services. Aeroscraft Corporation will continue to manufacture FAA certified airships as well as advanced tethered aerostatic systems. The new corporate structure will be comprised of three subsidiaries:

  •     Aeros Aeronautical Systems, Corp. (‘AASC’) is responsible for manufacturing and type certifying the vehicles, initially in two cargo capacity configurations – the Aeroscraft 66 short ton (ML866) and the Aeroscraft 250 short ton (ML868) models
  •     Aeros Cargo Airline, LLC (‘ACA’): is responsible for global operations, training, and timely delivery of chartered aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance among other services to its customers.
  •     Aeros Logistics, LLC (‘AL’): will own and charter the fleet of Aeroscraft and provide logistic services.

The Aeroscraft should soon create networks of opportunity due to infrastructure independence empowered by a new proprietary, internal buoyancy management technology called control-of-static-heaviness (COSH), recently demonstrated as part of a DARPA/DOD program. COSH permits the Aeroscraft to operate as a lighter-than-air (LTA) vehicle when flying, while allowing the vehicle to become heavier-than-air upon demand for ground operations.

The Aeroscraft’s introduction to global logistics will initially be a tool for addressing commercial cargo transport, disaster response enhancement, and U.S. military mobility among other applications. The Aeroscraft’s vertical lift (VTOL), oversized and heavy payload accommodation, speed, range and cost will bridge the gap between transport alternatives available today and advance economic development alongside environmental stewardship. It will unleash the power of cost-effective flexible air routing and point-to-point capabilities for cargo. It will also introduce capability to reach austere environments and virtually any topographical place on the planet with lessened environmental impacts.

The 66-ton payload capacity ML866 will have a range of 3,100 nautical miles, and the 250-ton payload ML868 will cruise for a range exceeding 5,100 nautical miles, each providing transcontinental reach and capability. Aeros plans an initial fleet of 22 vehicles.

The proof-of-design technology demonstration vehicle for the Aeroscraft, the ‘Dragon Dream,’ was successful in establishing its COSH system integrated with other innovative sub-systems during flight operations in the fall of 2013.

Aeroscraft is offering for sale shares of its Series A Convertible Preferred Stock pursuant to the offering memorandum, which may be accessed through this link. These securities may only be offered to accredited investors through the Company’s definitive offering memorandum and no other portion of this website should be deemed an offer to sell such securities. For more information about the offering and the risks of investing in these securities, you should review carefully the offering memorandum. This offering is not registered with the SEC or qualified with any state, and the securities may not be distributed or resold except pursuant to an applicable exemption from such registration and qualification requirements. For more information about Aeros’ Offering, please visit http://www.aeroscraft.com/investors.

About the Aeroscraft: An Aeroscraft is a new type of Rigid Variable Buoyancy Air Vehicle, designed to control lift in all stages of air or ground operations, including the ability to off-load heavy payloads without the need to re-ballast. For the first time in history, an aircraft has been designed to control and adjust buoyant and dynamic lift, creating a new paradigm for global air transportation and logistics. Poised to enhance the air transportation industry, the Aeroscraft will deliver opportunities for business and consumers globally through access to remote locations by new VTOL cargo delivery capabilities. The Aeroscraft is designed to control static lift in all stages of air or ground operations including the ability to off-load payload without taking on-board external ballast prior to payload offloading. The exceptional features of Aeroscraft, such as heavy lift capability, extra-large payload compartment, vertical takeoff and landing capability, capability to hover for extended periods of time, independence from airport facilities, and operational abilities at low speed, in hover, and from unprepared surfaces demonstrate its unique place in the market.

The Aeroscraft Solution: The Aeroscraft vehicle is a vertical logistical solution to many of the difficulties facing the cargo world today, and is poised to disrupt the current hub-and-spoke distributional model characterized by intermodal cargo transfers and distribution delays. The benefits of the Aeroscraft are expected to be globally transformational and significant to humanity. The Aeroscraft fleet will introduce global point-to-point air cargo delivery services for oversized and overweight project cargos, as well as general cargo, with capability to deliver to virtually any topographical location in under 6 days. The network of globally positioned Aeroscraft vehicles will help take the chain out of the current supply chain while providing Aeros’ clients unlimited transcontinental reach.

About Aeros: Aeros was founded in 1994, and the company has grown from a small overseas advertising aerostat production manufacturer to a U.S-based airship producer and R&D firm for the aerospace industry. For the past quarter of a century, Aeros has pioneered product advancements in the aerospace defense technology sector, and through manufacturing quality, Aeros has achieved multiple FAA airship type certificates and operates with an FAA Production Certificate. Since being established in the United States, Aeros has become among the world's leading lighter-than-air, FAA-certified aircraft manufacturing companies.

Today, Aeros is an innovative LTA manufacturer completing work on a new type of air vehicle called the Aeroscraft that combines many of the attributes and benefits of fixed-wing (airplanes), rotary (helicopter) and traditional lighter-than-air (LTA) aircraft. The company's operations also involve the research, development, production, operation and marketing of a complete family of Aeros-branded air vehicles used in government and worldwide commercial applications. These include non-rigid FAA Type Certified Aeros "Sky Dragon" Airships, Advanced Tethered Aerostatic Systems and New Type Rigid Air Vehicle - Aeroscraft. The entire Aeros organization and the advisory board, comprised of military and commercial leaders, are dedicated to one goal of harnessing the exciting future and opportunities ahead.

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