Form a health plan for life says leading Pilates coach

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One of the most popular forms of the exercise routine Pilates is that of Reformer Pilates, says Inner Strength Pilates director and coach Tamara Gollan. And she goes on to explain in this article exactly why that is.

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The Reformer helps you take your regular Pilates routine up a notch or two.

Regularly undertaking Reformer Pilates could lengthen the average human’s lifespan insists Gollan. In her new article Reformer Pilates Is A Great Health Plan For A High Quality Of Life she points to numerous health benefits to be had from the exercise routine including increased strength, more flexibility in all areas of the body and helpful relief from a whole host of health conditions and associated pain.

Gollan, a former professional dancer, says: “Reformer Pilates is versatile in the sense that it allows anyone to enjoy a hardcore and challenging workout, regardless of their initial fitness level.

“The Pilates reformer will increase your heart rate and burn fat, allowing you to achieve a sculpted long, lean physique while, at the same time, increasing your endurance, power, and cardiovascular fitness. Now you can’t say better than that!”

But first things first – what exactly is the Pilates Reformer? Those new to the exercise routine may be interested to learn that it’s the name of an actual exercise machine. It works by allowing the user to add resistance to whatever exercise routine they are engaged in. Mat-based Pilates, on the other hand, employs natural resistance to improve the body’s strength and flexibility.

The Reformer machine is around the size of a small bed. This allows the user to be able to lie on the padding comfortably. The Reformer machine also contains a number of different component parts such as springs and adjustable pulleys. These can be put to a variety of uses depending on which particular area of the body is to be strengthened. The machine also allows the user to adjust resistance levels to their own personal preference.

Gollan adds: “While the reformer has the appearance of a somewhat complicated looking apparatus, don’t be daunted by its appearance.

“This device is an effective piece of equipment that can add a major boost to your workout. It’s the perfect addition to your health plan and helps you take your regular Pilates routine up a notch or two.”

Why Reformer Pilates?
Both the mat and Reformer Pilates routines are beneficial to health but each has its own best points. The Reformer is extremely effective, for instance, while also being gentle and safe to use under instruction. It’s particularly good for:

  •     Helping those with specific injuries to heal and enjoy being pain-free
  •     Those looking for an additional challenge
  •     Those who want a gentler form of exercise
  •     Individuals suffering from health conditions such as scoliosis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis

How to use the Reformer
Using the Reformer machine it is possible to target specific areas of the body. This can be carried out by either lying down on the padded mat, sitting upright or standing. Movement with the machine can be upside down or even side on. The straps can be pulled and the footbar pushed or perched on, allowing for a variety of unusual positions which it wouldn’t be possible to carry out on a Pilates mat to the same extent.

Those intrigued by the Reformer machine can try out its benefits for themselves at Gollan’s Inner Strength Pilates Reformer studio in Adelaide’s Hyde Park area. Small group classes consist of five or fewer individual while one to one sessions are also available on request.

The company offers an online booking service via their timetable. They also have a Facebook pages and Google + accounts to allow participants to keep up to date with all the latest Adelaide Pilates news.

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