Research Excellence Announces WW1 Syndication Opportunity: “Guns of August 2014 – Dispatches From the Front”

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Terror, tragedy, and triumph - a series of regular WW1-centenary battlefield reports based on the events of August, 1914, “Guns of August 2014” features modern life, planned memorials, unique perspectives, and historical contrasts reported directly from such famed locations such as Jonchery, France; Mons, France; Alsace; Liege, Belgium, and Mulhouse, France.

Research Excellence, a Toronto-based specialized communications and research provider, has announced the availability of an independent ‘On The Scene’ series of reports from World War One battlefields, commemorating the centenary of that cataclysm which began on August 3, 1914 at the exact time of the events of 100 years ago. The first of these reports will be coming from a now privately-owned, WW1, U.S. battlefield in France on July 26, 2014, where an Atlanta, GA, resident will be recognizing the sacrifices made by soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force’s 42’d “Rainbow” division on July 26, 1918. Other ongoing reports, to be dispatched daily during August, will be available to media organizations on an individual basis.

With over 40 years’ experience in both WW1 and modern battlefield history and technology, Ted Dentay, principal of Research Excellence, is uniquely positioned to provide timely, accurate reports reflective of many perspectives.

Using “Guns of August” (Barbara Tuchman’s 1962 Pulitzer prize-winning book) as the lodestone, “Guns of August 2014 – Dispatches From the Front” will be a unique examination of both the events of the period and of modern life there today.

Professional reports, complete with art, will be made from battlefields contemporary with the time: From the French ‘Plan 17’ Vosges Mountains campaign to the Schlieffen Plan attacks through neutral Belgium; August 2, 1914, through August 30, 1914…with 2014 eyes.

“Follow the Bullet”
Specialist information, unavailable from any other source, will be provided on request. This includes technical information on the weapons and materiel used at the time, and results of individual battlefield explorations a century later. Modern forensic ballistics perspectives on century-old actions.

A writer with 39 years’ experience in many technical fields and professional pursuits, including advanced and defense technologies; smallarms and forensic ballistics; wilderness survival; social justice; skydiving, and motorcycling, Ted Dentay, through Research Excellence, provides matchless, experiential perspectives. He has also been a trained military horseman, gunsmith, blacksmith, farrier, parachute rigger, and is a trained mediator. He is the author of two upcoming books: “One Now Dead”, the tragic story of U.S.A.A.F B26 ‘Marauder’ Time’s-aWastin’ bomber crash in Labrador, and, “The Standard Textbook of Explosives and Propellants, 1900-2014”.

Research Excellence provides fully-integrated communications and research services to a broad spectrum of corporate and private clients.


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