Study: Depression Can Damage the Immune System; polyDNA Recommends Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin to Boost the Immune System against Latent Viruses

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Depression is linked to “elevated inflammation” and a damaged immune system, according to a study published in April 2014, in the journal Pharmacogenomics (1). polyDNA recommends taking Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin against latent viruses, which can reactivate when the immune system is damaged.

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Because depression damages the immune system, which can lead to the reactivation of a latent virus, we recommend that depressed individuals take Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin. - Mike Evans, polyDNA

Depression damages the immune system. “There's accumulating evidence that the illness (depression) has deleterious (damaging) effects on the heart, the brain, the bones and metabolism. Now comes proof that it undermines the immune system as people age.” (See, from November 1, 2011) (2) Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, Ph.D said that “The body responds differently - even to everyday challenges - depending on whether a person is depressed or not…there are long-term changes taking place in your immune system.” (2) WebMD also notes that “Depression doesn't just cause physical symptoms; it can also increase your risk for - or may worsen - certain physical illnesses or conditions. In turn, certain illnesses can also trigger depression.” (See WebMD, last updated on May 23, 2014) (3) “Depression can affect the immune system, making it harder for your body to fight infection. Vaccinations are even less effective in people with depression.” (3) When the immune system is damaged, it creates the right environment for a latent virus to reactivate, leading to a variety of symptoms and diseases.

How does one recognize depression in himself or others?

There is a big difference between having a bad day and being depressed. According to the CDC, to be regarded as depressed, “depression is more than a ‘bad day’; diagnostic criteria established by the American Psychiatric Association dictate that (standard symptoms such as a bad mood, weight loss or gain, and fatigue) must be present for a continuous period of at least two weeks.” (See the CDC, last updated October 4, 2013) (4)

polyDNA recommends that people take Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin against latent viruses. The formula of these natural antiviral products was tested by Hanan Polansky and Edan Itzkovitz from the CBCD in two clinical studies that followed FDA guidelines. The studies showed that the Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin formula is effective against EBV and other viruses. The clinical studies were published in the peer reviewed, medical journal Pharmacology & Pharmacy, the first, in a special edition on Advances in Antiviral Drugs. Study authors wrote that, “individuals infected with the (EBV and other viruses)…reported a safe decrease in their symptoms following treatment with Gene-Eden-VIR.” (5) The study authors also wrote that, “We observed a statistically significant decrease in the severity, duration, and frequency of symptoms.” (6) In addition, this natural antiviral was recently proven to reduce mental and physical fatigue in a post-marketing clinical study that followed FDA guidelines.

Both products can be ordered online on the Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin websites.

Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are natural antiviral dietary supplements. Their formula contains five natural ingredients: Selenium, Camellia Sinesis Extract, Quercetin, Cinnamomum Extract, and Licorice Extract. The first ingredient is a trace element, and the other four are plant extracts. Each ingredient and its dose was chosen through a scientific approach. Scientists at polyDNA, the company that invented and patented the formula, scanned thousands of scientific and medical papers published in various medical and scientific journals, and identified the safest and most effective natural ingredients against latent viruses. To date, Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are the only natural antiviral products on the market with published clinical studies that support their claims.

“Depression affects much more than moods. These are a few of the most common physical symptoms of depression: increased aches and pains, which occur in about two out of three people with depression, chronic fatigue, decreased interest in sex, decreased appetite, insomnia, lack of deep sleep, or oversleeping.” (4) “Many of the physical changes caused by depression, such as insomnia or a lack of deep sleep are thought to weaken your immune system. This can make existing illnesses worse. In turn, physical changes caused either by depression or chronic disease can trigger or worsen depression. All these changes can lead to a vicious cycle that's tough to break without treatment.” (4)

The Epstein Barr Virus is one latent virus that could reactivate when depression damages the immune system. “Although normally suppressed, the virus may later reactivate, particularly in cases of immunosuppression.” (See Microbiology and Immunology Online, last updated May 24, 2011) (7) “EBV is found all over the world. Most people get infected with EBV at some point in their lives. EBV spreads most commonly through bodily fluids, primarily saliva.” (See the CDC, last updated on January 6, 2014) (8) EBV is linked to various cancers and other major diseases.

“Because depression damages the immune system, which can lead to the reactivation of a latent virus, we recommend that depressed individuals take Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin.” - Mike Evans, polyDNA

Novirin shares the same formula as Gene-Eden-VIR. The difference between the two is that Novirin has higher quality, more expensive ingredients. The Novirin/Gene-Eden-VIR formula was tested in two post-marketing clinical studies published in September 2013 and March 2014, respectively, in the peer reviewed medical journal Pharmacy & Pharmacology (5).

Interested individuals can view the two published studies here, and

Up to 70% of those studied reported a decrease in symptoms associated with viral infections, and users of the Novirin/Gene-Eden-VIR formula experienced an increase in overall health (5).

Each ingredient of Novirin was chosen through a scientific approach. Scientists scanned thousands of scientific and medical papers published in various medical and scientific journals around the world to identify the highest quality, safest, most effective natural ingredients that target latent viruses.

To learn more about Novirin, visit and about Gene-Eden-VIR, visit

All orders of these products are completely confidential, and no information is shared or sold to any third party. Privacy is assured.


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polyDNA is a biotechnology company that develops dietary supplements using the unique scientific method developed by Dr. Hanan Polansky, which is based on Computer Intuition.

In addition to his unique scientific method, Dr. Polansky published the highly acclaimed scientific discovery, called Microcompetition with Foreign DNA. The discovery explains how foreign DNA fragments, and specifically, DNA of latent viruses, cause most major diseases.

polyDNA developed Novirin, an antiviral natural remedy that helps the immune system kill latent viruses.

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