AppAudience Launches Real-Time Mobile Audience Data

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Mobile Targeting Data Proven to Increase Addressable Inventory, Improve Efficiency, Generate Significant Performance Lift for only $0.12 per CPM

AppAudience data outperformed the control group on both iOS and Android, resulting in an average Click Through Rate (CTR) lift of 2.68x.

AppAudience launched today to provide publishers and advertisers the ability to discover and target in real time relevant audiences on 100% (Always-On) of mobile in-app inventory. The AppAudience data is leveraged by partners - DSPs, SSPs, Networks and Exchanges - to increase addressable inventory, improve efficiency, generate significant performance lift and power the delivery of dynamic creative.

AppAudience is a product of Human Demand and available today separately from its industry leading mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP). “Human Demand’s clients have benefited from leveraging our AppAudience data on mobile campaigns over the past 18 months and we are proud to announce that our data layer will be available independently for other players in the mobile ad-tech ecosystem to leverage,” shared Howie Schwartz, CEO & Founder of Human Demand. “Audience buying on mobile today faces significant challenges as current ad targeting methods typically rely on either device ID-based segments which have low match rates and limit reach, or only rely on one signal in a bid request - such as location - which only tells part of the story.”

Mobile advertising technology is continuously evolving and consumer adoption of mobile is quickly dwarfing traditional desktop consumption. There are multiple “blackbox” ad targeting solutions on mobile today; the three current methodologies all present limitations that AppAudience is solving:

i) Retargeting:
A proven method to push consumers further along the conversion funnel or re-engage in a mobile app, but lacks the ability to extend a mobile publishers audience and is limited in reach.

ii) Bid Request Data:
Basic device and publisher attributes are available in real-time in bid requests from exchanges and Supply Side Platforms (SSP). Relying on bid request data with no further data enrichment only tells part of the story – mobile media buyers today are forced to make broad assumptions (i.e., owners of an iPhone with a recent OS version are automatically affluent which as the smartphone market scales is no longer a given).

iii) Device ID Profiles:
Mobile data companies are quickly scaling, building historical usage and performance profiles from various datasets and associating the user’s activities with a static identifier. However, when the average DSP is provided with a list of Device IDs to target from a mobile DMP the typical match rate falls shy of 20% - leaving 80% of an advertisers potential audience behind which significantly limits scale.

AppAudience provides a solution to the above limitations by enriching 100% of mobile bid and ad requests in real-time, relying solely on attributes passed in standard bid and ad requests. As a result, AppAudience customers - including DSPs, SSPs, Networks and Exchanges - can leverage our audience targeting capabilities including the following features:

  • Audience Insights Across 2 Million+ Apps

AppAudience has a proprietary index covering 100% of apps on both Android & iOS - over 2M apps and adding new apps everyday. Based on 18 months of research, our detailed analysis of the app stores and social signals provide rich demographics and audience insights.

  • Proprietary Brand Safety

Brands today are holding back advertising in-app because it can be a ‘dark and scary place’ sorely lacking in brand safety filters. AppAudience provides brands with the confidence they need through its Brand Safety Index of all 2M+ apps available on both Android & iOS.

  • Point of Interest Data

In real-time AppAudience provides an analysis of all relevant Point Of Interest (POI) data in proximity to the mobile user. By simplifying location data to “At,” “Near By,” or “In Range” we make the data instantly actionable.

  • Census and Economic Data

Proprietary index of both census and economic data in real time provides additional targeting capabilities that are used along with our Audience Insights to clearly segment each and every bid request in real time.

  • Weather Insights

Real time current and forecasted weather provides another signal for ad decisioning and also drives dynamic creative optimization (serve a different ad to a user in an area that it is raining versus a user who sees sun and clear skies).

  • Privacy Friendly

A key feature of AppAudience is that it is also a privacy friendly solution as it does not use Device IDs and is not behavioral targeting (does not use past user data or profiles).

“We are forging partnerships with market leading DSPs, SSPs, Networks and Exchanges to integrate AppAudience data enabling them to increase addressable inventory, improve efficiency, generate significant performance lift and power the delivery of dynamic creative,” said Keith Petri, SVP Strategic Partnerships for AppAudience. “Current mobile data is used sparingly by buyers because of low match rates and pricing models that don’t meet campaign goals. AppAudience data is an ‘Always On’ solution, generating campaign lift on mobile while maintaining efficiency.”

In parallel to opening up the AppAudience data layer to partners, we are publishing a case study highlighting a campaign that ran for a national insurance company, which leveraged AppAudience’s data layer to target its desired audience, increase efficiency and improve campaign lift on mobile. As a result, AppAudience data outperformed the control group on both iOS and Android, resulting in an average Click Through Rate (CTR) lift of 2.68x.

AppAudience data not only performs, but makes financial sense for both brand focused and direct response campaigns by being priced at $0.12 per CPM and providing 100% coverage of mobile ad requests - compared with data fees ranging from $0.80 to $2.00 CPM from competitive datasets that typically cover less then 20% of mobile ad requests.

To learn how you can benefit from partnering with AppAudience, please contact Keith Petri, SVP Strategic Partnerships at AppAudience.

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