CellSpotter App Approved for Launch in Apple App Store & Google PlayStore

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Smart GPS Solutions/CellSpotter.com announced today the release of the CellSpotter Smart GPS Application and says it is now available for free download in the Apple App Store and the Google PlayStore.

“This App is the simplest and easiest to use Smart Device GPS Location Sharing System in the world and should be without doubt standard equipment on every Smart Phone”.

Smart GPS Solutions announced today that its latest Location/Photo Sharing App is available for free download in both the App Store and Google Play Store. CellSpotter App developer Keith Shanahan says; “This App is the simplest and easiest to use Smart Device GPS Location Sharing System in the world and should be without doubt standard equipment on every Smart Phone”. Shanahan realized that there was a need for such an app when a friend was going to meet him somewhere, but didn’t know how to get to his location. “That’s when I really knew that there was a need for this app. I realized that all my friend would have to do was to open the App and enter my mobile phone number and the CellSpotter App would show him my exact location. I also received some inspiration from a popular temporary picture sharing app and thought to myself why not create a temporary GPS location sharing app"? Most GPS apps offer permanent tracking, which means that whoever is on the list can see the location movements 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, CellSpotter offers GPS tracking on a temporary basis. The user decides when to turn CellSpotter ON or OFF. The CellSpotter App also allows the user to take a picture from their current location and upload it to the App. In addition, the App allows the person searching to touch a Directions button inside the map area and immediately the Google Maps app opens up giving the user verbal and written directions right to the person’s current location.

The App also has an auto shut-off feature that allows the user to set the amount of time that App will remain in the ON position. The maximum time is 24 hours. During this time the user allows others with or without a special passcode to see their location. The user decides IF they want to set a passcode and the passcode may be as simple as four characters or it may be highly complex. When the App automatically shuts OFF, it’s OFF and others can no longer see where you are. “You may only need it a few times a year, but when you need it, you need it,” says Shanahan, “and that’s why it should be on your phone for immediate use. It would also be helpful to know how to turn it on in case of emergency.” For others, it may be something they want to use every day such as parents who want to see their children’s whereabouts. “There is no specific age bracket that cannot relate to CellSpotter,” says Shanahan; “It’s temporary and everyone can use it for one thing or another in their daily life. The App has a very broad based market appeal.”

Here are some uses for CellSpotter;

  • Going out tonight but not sure where; friends can easily find the user to meet up.
  • Stranded in a car, tow-truck, taxi or friends need to find the user.
  • Lost in the woods, injured while hiking, skiing, hunting/avalanche.
  • Having a party? Can serve as directions for all. Just turn CellSpotter ON.
  • Monitor employees on the job/observe company fleet vehicles.
  • On the Ski Slope or at the beach.
  • Class trips. Teachers and classmates can monitor.
  • Going somewhere new? Have someone turn on CellSpotter.
  • Out on the boat or jet-ski and meeting up with friends/ or need a tow.
  • Abducted/ kidnapped/ car off the road; CellSpotter could save a users life.
  • Running late and need exact directions to a business meeting.
  • Relatives who have memory issues or Alzheimer’s.
  • At a concert or amusement park; separated from the group.
  • Keeping track of the kids; (please use confidential complex password).
  • Check the progress of a family member who is travelling.
  • Picking up someone from the airport, see the user from the moment they land.
  • Or just for fun

Recently a father and his two young daughters were lost in the South Carolina woods for three days and the phone battery died. The developer took notice. The App program was changed in that one button was added and a disclosure is shown to help people who are stranded, lost or injured by creating a ‘Last Reported Position’ option inside the App. Should someone find themselves in need of assistance in a remote area that has cell/GPS service, the CellSpotter App allows the user to turn it ON and allow others to see their last known location, even if their battery should run out of power. The user still has to let someone know that they are in trouble and that the CellSpotter is ON, however, it could greatly increase their chance of survival. For hikers who go out hiking for the day, it is already a well-known practice to tell others their hiking plans. Now they can tell them that if they don’t return on time to check their mobile phone number on the CellSpotter App or at http://www.CellSpotter.com.

Shanahan has also done something remarkably different here and says that “most GPS apps require you to have the app to use the functions of the app. Not CellSpotter. We not only allow users to pinpoint other people’s location within the App itself, but also by a secondary means, namely, by use of the CellSpotter.com website. It’s just that easy to use. As everyone will soon see, there is broad potential for use for just about every SmartPhone user and even people without Smart Phones, through use of the app-friendly http://www.CellSpotter.com website. Given that CellSpotter is free, there really is no reason that everyone shouldn’t want this handy app/lifesaving beacon on their Smart Device. You never know when you might need it".

The CellSpotter GPS App has the potential to save lives. “To have an app on your phone that could save a life is just too hard to resist. We think that CellSpotter is going to have a fantastic response and bright future in the App World and that someday you will see it on almost every Smart Phone", said the developer. "It’s just so easy and simple to use when needed.”

CellSpotter’s current version is just the beginning. Look for updates in the App Store and PlayStore that will make CellSpotter even more interesting in the near future.

About Smart GPS Solutions
CellSpotter/CellSpotter.com is the world's easiest GPS Location/Photo Share App. It is currently available for use on the iPhone Operating System and also the most popular OS in the world, Android. CellSpotter allows for temporary GPS tracking of a user’s cellphone with the users permission through the App itself, and through the http://www.CellSpotter.com website. Simple and easy to use, with the touch of a button, you can allow others to see your location on a map with minimal effort, share a photo from that location and allow others an easy way to get “Directions” to your phone number. CellSpotter reminds you; Our GPS Tracking System is temporary, you decide when to turn it OFF! CellSpotter is available for cell numbers in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP); US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, US Territories and throughout the Caribbean where the NANP is utilized. See http://www.CellSpotter.com for more details. Available in the App Store and Google PlayStore.

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