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Revitol Cellulite Solution, containing both Caffeine and Retinol-A, substantially reduced cellulite appearance. Now this manufacture is giving away a free 1-month supply for all new customers.

According to a randomized placebo-controlled study published by Springer International Publishing on 2000-11-01, retinol ultimately improves the resting tensions inside the skin, in turn smoothing the surface. After just a few months of treatment, skin elasticity increased over 10%, while viscosity was decreased over 15%. Coupled together with caffeine’s natural skin firming effects, after 6-months users of this cream saw a “substantial” decrease in the visibility of cellulite.
But why does this one cream work so much better than others?

Simple, Revitol is a multi-threat system that includes two of the most powerful cellulite-fighting ingredients:

Retinol-A: By improving elasticity and decreasing viscosity, the skin ultimately has improved resting tensions and, in turn, could smooth the skin surface by 5x.

Caffeine: Helps quickly tighten the skin and substantially reduce appearance of cellulite while Retinol-A fights for long-term effects.

The Study: 15 women aged 26-44 years experienced outstanding results.

The 15 women involved in the study had requested liposuction to improve their cellulite. After the 6-month treatment of Retinol-A, no participant opted for the liposuction procedure after seeing such incredible results.

The main topical solution caused a 2- to 5-fold increase in dendrocytes both in the dermis and the fibrous strands of the hypodermis. Participants reported the lumpy-bumpy areas visually looked smoother and the women quickly became more confident with their skin.

How to find a High Quality Cellulite Treatment

Since the release of this study, companies have begun mass marketing creams that contain Retinol-A. The problem is, most of these creams aren’t as high quality as the one used in the study. Here are list of things to keep in mind when finding a cellulite cream that will actually work:

  • Where did the Retinol-A and Caffeine come from?
  • Are the extracts 100% pure?
  • Does it have the right dosages?
  • Does it contain Aloe and other ingredients for healthy skin?
  • Is it manufactured under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration?  

Which Cellulite Cream Works Best?

With dozens, if not hundreds, of Cellulite removal products being sold online, selecting one that will actually work can be a difficult task. Further research done by an independent, third-party lab has shown Revitol’s Cellulite Solution to be among the most effective, and fairly priced treatments available.

The reason behind their success is their innovative, yet precise formula of 100% pure and natural Retinol-A and Caffeine. Many companies can claim that figure, but only Revitol uses an extract with such high quality. Through years of examination and research, they have maximized the effectiveness of Revitol Cellulite Solution.

Right now, Revitol is giving away a free month supply of Cellulite Solution through this link below:

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