Introducing LedgerSync: Making Life Easier For The Accountant

LedgerSync is an Eden Prairie, Minnesota based start-up, providing a brand new way to obtain client bank transactions, check images, and bank statements. Following an intensive testing period with select accounting firms around the country, LedgerSync is now available to all accountants and bookkeepers.

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LedgerSync has cut our data entry time by more than 70%

Eden Prairie, Minnesota (PRWEB) June 13, 2014

LedgerSync is the idea of founder and VP of Operations Christopher G. Ragain, CPA- who came up with the idea for LedgerSync when a small business client of his complained about providing bank statements every month. Positive that there had to be a better way, Ragain put together a team of developers and accounting professionals and created what could be the most significant accounting software for bookkeeping in years.

LedgerSync is powerful because of its simplicity. Easy to follow setups, minimal client interaction, and simple exports to QuickBooks, Accounting CS, Sage, and more makes LedgerSync easy to implement for both the accountant and the client. LedgerSync is cloud based software with one mission- to allow accountants and bookkeepers an easy way to download client bank information directly into their accounting software.

"LedgerSync has cut our data entry time by more than 70%," said Nick Boyd, Senior Accountant at Ragain Financial. "Clients love it because they don't have to provide bank statements every month, we love it because we don't have to key transactions anymore. It is a win-win!"

More than just bank transactions, LedgerSync provides accountants with check images and bank statements too. All other online accounting software companies only pull bank transactions. By providing checks and bank statements, LedgerSync closes the gap and allows bookkeepers to pull financial information for their clients whenever they need it. LedgerSync is a significant step toward helping accountants really automate the bookkeeping process.

Even more important to accountants, LedgerSync allows users to continue using their desktop accounting software which is more cost effective and in many ways more efficient than the online software offerings. However, even accountants using online software can take advantage of LedgerSync for two important reasons: 1) Check images and bank statements are still needed with online accounting software. 2) LedgerSync is only $2.00/bank account per month- making it extremely affordable.

"As an accountant and a CPA in private practice, I know what my colleagues face everyday in their bookkeeping and financial statement practices," said Christopher Ragain, LedgerSync's VP. "I built LedgerSync from the ground up with the accountant in mind. It does not matter what software you currently use, LedgerSync can help."

LedgerSync is officially launching at the Scaling New Heights Conference in San Antonio, TX June 16th - June 18th, 2014.

Accountants can try LedgerSync free for 30 days at


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