Solution to Carbon Pollution Is in Built Environment

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Atlantis Energy Systems has suite of building skin products that make homes and buildings self powered. The solution will be affordable response to carbon pollution.

Solar electricity does not need to be ugly

"The true cost of a thing is how much of life it really consumes."Henry David Thoreau

President Obama’s recent executive mandate creating a cleaner carbon environment is a reasonable first step in addressing the health and safety of our natural environment. The problem is real and Atlantis Energy Systems Inc. believe that it has part of the solution.

Atlantis Energy Systems Inc is the US pioneer in Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). Simply put, BIPV mean replacing the normal weathering skin e.g. glass of a building with power capturing technologies like PV and thermal to harness unused sun energy. It also saves costs and reliability by replacing traditional weathering skin. That has the advantage of shortening the energy supply lines to commercial buildings and residences. In doing so the energy generation efficiency is raised, avoiding the standard utility losses.

The Electrical Engineering Portal estimates that the “Distribution Sector considered as the weakest link in the entire power sector. Transmission Losses is approximate 17% while Distribution Losses is approximate 50%” (The Electrical Engineering Portal August 19, 2013).

Unfortunately this same report concludes that the public does not pay for these losses. In fact, the very real social costs of fossil fuel electricity product are not considered by the utilities. Coal generation of electricity is believed to be 40% of total electrical production and the social and climate costs are well documented.

The shorter the transmission lines to where the energy is needed the less waste and pollution. Atlantis Energy Systems, Inc. is an advocate for using BIPV wherever possible to shorten these lines and to use the building itself for at least some of its own energy. Using the building also avoids wasting valuable land. It also impresses on the building designers and architects to think conservation first i.e. making the most of captured energies with good insulation and air handling capabilities before adding renewable energy BIPV solutions.

Building Integrated PV and thermal(BIPV) is not the total solution. It is an important piece however. Imagine a building by building transformation into independent power stations interlinked with the grid but potentially standalone. It is coming and Atlantis Energy Systems, Inc will be part of it. Atlantis offers solutions that depending on building design can make the sustaining by using the newly introduced TallSlates BITERS system. The effective cost to the end user may rival fossil fuel sources of energy.

BIPV can be beautiful and even inspiring. It does not need to look like a science experiment. A series of images of Atlantis projects that inspire well as supply their hosts, whether large commercial space or private residences with clean power.

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