Miami Dentists Announcing Preventative Treatment for Gum Disease

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TM Prosthodontics, a dental office in Miami, announces the ideal Preventative Treatment for Gum Disease.


Dentists stress regular flossing and thorough brushing for good reason. Proper daily oral hygiene removes plaque that can invade below the gum line and otherwise cause infection, leading to painful gum disease, which is the primary cause of tooth loss. If there are signs of gum disease, such as red, swollen gums or chronic bad breath, fast action can be taken to treat the infection, restore optimal oral health, and protect smiles from problems. Through a comprehensive process of removing plaque buildup, cleaning exposed root surfaces, and even applying antibiotic to infected gums, gum disease can be stopped and the symptoms can be relieved. The dental office in Miami, TM Prosthodontics, announces the ideal Preventative Treatment for Gum Disease.

The answer to preventing gum and periodontal disease is simple. Regular dental visits at least every six months along with daily brushing and flossing ensure patients are getting the optimal oral care. A good mouth rinse should also be used. TM Prosthodontics can recommend the products that will optimize oral home care routines, and they can also show the best methods for brushing and flossing. For those who have previously overcome periodontal disease, they recommend frequent check-ups to ensure that the mouth stays healthy for a lifetime.

Several factors such as plaque buildup and lifestyle choices contribute to periodontal disease. The most common and controllable factor is bacterial plaque. Bacteria release toxins that break down the natural fibers that bond gums to teeth. When this occurs, pockets between the gums and teeth form, where more bacteria and toxins hide and flourish destroying gums and teeth. Over time, this process can affect not only gums, teeth, and the bones within the mouth, but also overall health. Bacteria in the mouth will be inadvertently ingested, compromising whole-body health.

About Dr. Tal Morr's TM Prosthodontics Services:
Dr. Tal Morr is the preferred dentist in Miami FL when extensive dental services are required.

Dr. Morr does a complete examination of patients’ dental situation to make sure that the dental bonding process is right for them. If a patient is a good candidate for bonding, he recommends the scheduling of the bonding appointment as soon as possible. Dr. Tal Morr’s TM Prosthodontics offers a variety of dental procedures, from teeth veneers to inlays & onlays, teeth bonding, dental bridges, crowns, full mouth dental implants, dentures, bleaching, and more. TM Prosthodontics is also a dental surgery center, and as such can perform procedures from alloderm grafting to full mouth reconstruction.

TM Prosthodontics is available by appointment between 8AM and 5PM from Monday to Thursday. Call TM Prosthodontics for an evaluation into whether dental implants in Miami might be a possibility. They can be reached at 305-935-6066 or at

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