Trip Documenting App Enhances Travel Experience With Unique Scrapbooking

Tripbook, by Tripbook LLC, services as a multimedia tool for sharing travel discoveries.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 17, 2014

Tripbook, a photo-sharing app that includes unique trip-documenting features and advanced editing abilities, officially launched this week, simplifying the normally tedious task of creating a scrapbook, and creates lasting mementos.

“The last thing we want to do after a relaxing vacation or a bonding family trip is stress over creating a scrapbook or drown in the clutter of loose photos," said Raja Roopnarine, founder of Tripbook. "I wanted to create something that could neatly place all the details of the trip in one keepsake and give users a plethora of customization options."

Rather than struggle with adding photos individually to a collage from the photo stream, Tripbook can filter photos taken by date and easily select desired images all from one screen. The app also enables users to input unique flight details, destination, hotel info, and even tag additional people who were also on the trip. Photos selected by the user are edited using Tripbook’s one-of-a-kind enhancing tools, which include effects, frames, stickers, text, sharpness and red-eye adjustment, brightness and more. Photos are then added to a collage arrangement of their choice, where the orientation and size can be altered to suit the flow of the artwork.

“We all wish we could take all of our friends and family on every exciting trip we take, but that’s not always possible. The purpose of Tripbook is to share intimate details of our adventures with close friends and family, as if they were right alongside us to share the memories,” said Roopnarine.

The user’s creation is polished off with one last finishing touch, a custom background theme to pull the whole collage together, and finally, the artwork can be shared via Facebook and email.

Tripbook is available now in the iTunes store.


Raja Roopnarine is an independent developer based out of Houston Texas, he graduated from Barry University in Miami Florida with an MBA in 1998.

His idea for Tripbook stemmed from his own need to share trips with his children but couldn't find the appropriate app to do this, so he started creating Tripbook at the end of summer 2013.