Learning Dynamics Offers Communications Infographic

Learning-Dynamics, a San Diego-based learning development company, is offering a free, newly created Infographic. It is intended to be used as a discussion prompt to help small groups start a conversation.

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Communications Infographic

Improve communication with an ad hoc discussion, about ... (wait for it) ... communication!

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2014

How many books have been written about effective communication? A quick Google search yields 29,600,000 results, but in all likelihood not every result represents an actual book. What if we take a wild guess and assume that just 10% of the results, refer to a book? That would make the number 2,960,000—that’s still a lot of books about communication.

So who is reading all of these books? Probably people who either think that they have a problem communicating, or people who want to help someone else.

What would happen if the people who were having trouble communicating just got together and talked about communication as an abstract topic? Might they get to the root of their own issues, or at least acknowledge them—which is a great first step?

If this resonates with you as you think about the people you interact with on a daily basis, why not give it a try? Consider printing the enclosed Infographic as a prompt. The worst that can happen is that the conversation will remain superficial, but hey—you never know.