Narconon Freedom Center Releases Tips to Keep Kids Drug Free This Summer

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According to reports, during summer months there is an increase in drug and alcohol use; especially with teens. To help combat this, Narconon Freedom Center is issuing new tips to keep kids drug free during summer.

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In addition to preventing your teen from going to parties where alcohol will be served, you also need to help your teen learn not to get into any vehicle where the driver has been drinking.

Summer can be the best time of year for teens. Whether it’s taking some time off between the busy years of high school or the last stretch of time spent at home before heading off to college, young people can have some of the best times of their lives during these warm summer months.

The other side of the coin is that summer is also the time of year that has the most teenage injuries and deaths caused by alcohol and drug use. The amount of adult supervision is drastically lowered during the summer, and the number of parties is higher. These two factors alone can lead to more dangerous drug and alcohol use.

Tips for a Drug Free Summer

If you want your teen to stay safe during the summer months, you can follow these tips to keep them safe and drug free.

Talk to them about alcohol and drug use before the summer begins

It’s never too early to start talking to your children about alcohol and drug use. Giving them the true information about what drugs and alcohol are and how they harm the body will not get them interested in trying these harmful substances. It will actually do the opposite – it will keep them from getting curious and wanting to experiment with things that can hurt them. You want your teenage children to make decisions for themselves, but you also have to recognize that you are the adult and have to watch out for their well-being.

Don’t let your teens go to parties where you know alcohol will be served

One harmful idea that has spread through our culture is that teens and children should drink some alcohol so that it isn’t such a mystery for them as they approach adulthood. The thought here is that you are almost easing teens into an adulthood of drinking. Don’t buy into this idea. You don’t have to let your teen start drinking, and you definitely don’t have to let your teen go to parties where alcohol will be served.

Due to the ever-prevalent image of big, crazy, alcohol-fueled parties in movies, many teens will actually seek out get-togethers where alcohol is going to be served. These parties are extremely dangerous, however, because they promote binge drinking that can lead to alcohol poisoning and blacking out. In addition to the fact that teens can easily overdose on alcohol, there is also the fact that more sexual assaults occur at parties and social occasions where alcohol is involved. So, there is a wide variety of reasons to prevent your child from going to a party where alcohol is present.

Have a zero-tolerance attitude towards drinking and driving

In addition to preventing your teen from going to parties where alcohol will be served, you also need to help your teen learn not to get into any vehicle where the driver has been drinking. Even if you keep your teen away from drug-fueled parties, there’s always the chance that someone your teen knows will get high or drunk when he is supposed to be driving your teen back from somewhere. You need to teach your children that there are always better options than getting in that vehicle with a driver that has been drinking.

You can make sure that your child has money to call a cab if you live in a bigger city. You can also make sure that your teen can call you any time of the day or night to come pick them up if needed. By working out these plans ahead of time, your child never needs to be in danger during the summer.

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