Advanta IRA Hosts Webinar Featuring Real Estate Investment Expert Pete Fortunato

This webinar provides an exclusive preview of Pete Fortunato’s “Real Estate Acquisition Techniques” event to be presented by Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, Inc. (GaREIA) later in June. Monte Smith, CISP, of Advanta IRA and Fortunato discuss real estate investment properties and how these assets can garner income in an IRA.

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Real estate investments are by far the most popular assets within a self-directed IRA, but those who self-direct also acquire access to a large pool of other alternative investment choices to build tax-deferred or tax-free wealth toward retirement.

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) June 15, 2014

Pete Fortunato is a highly regarded real estate investor known for his creative and prosperous techniques that have led to his life-long success. Some of the valuable topics webinar participants learn include equity participation notes, option contracts, minimizing risks and liability, and maximizing income. The combined expertise of Smith and Fortunato provide additional context for discussion in which real estate might be acquired using retirement funds, which create the potential for earning income using a self-directed IRA.

As savvy investors seek shelter from the ups and downs of the stock market, many are taking control of their own investment funds and choices by using self directed IRAs. “Real estate investments are by far the most popular assets within a self-directed IRA, but those who self-direct also acquire access to a large pool of other alternative investment choices to build tax-deferred or tax-free wealth toward retirement,” says Jack Callahan, managing partner of Advanta IRA Administration.

Clients of Advanta IRA have invested their self-directed IRA funds into:

  •     raw land
  •     single and multi-family rental properties
  •     rehab and flip projects
  •     commercial properties
  •     private mortgages
  •     tax liens

“Investing in alternative assets is a notable way many successful investors create diversity in their portfolios,” says Callahan. Learning how to do so can be a critical key to success in today’s unpredictable economic climate. Advanta IRA is a self-directed IRA administrator but does not sell investments or give investment advice. However, their team of experienced professionals is committed to teaching investors about the incredible benefits real estate investments bring to a retirement account.

Investors of all levels who want to learn more about using IRAs to make real estate investments are encouraged to attend this webinar. For those who desire to attend GaREIA’s events featuring Pete Fortunato on June 21st and 22nd, please visit for more information.

Event: Webinar – Real Estate Acquisition Techniques with Pete Fortunato
Date: June 17, 2014
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Cost: No charge
Location: Online
Register: In advance by contacting Teresa Chin at (678) 513-8913 ext. 1147 or emailing tchin(at)AdvantaIRAGroup(dot)com

About Advanta IRA

Advanta IRA Services, located in Largo, Florida, has been in operation for over 10 years, providing administrative service to owners of self-directed IRAs throughout the Tampa Bay and Sarasota, Florida regions. Advanta IRA Administration offers a second location serving Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas. Both offices are managed by Jack Callahan, J.D., CFP™. Advanta IRA offers classes, seminars and other educational tools designed to assist clients in managing self-directed IRAs by investing in real estate, notes, private placements and other non-traditional assets that have the potential to maximize IRA earnings on a tax-free or tax-deferred basis.

About Jack Callahan

Jack M. Callahan, J.D., CFP™, is the managing partner at Advanta IRA Services in Largo, FL and Advanta IRA Administration in Atlanta, GA. Jack established the corporate office, Advanta IRA Services, in 2003. Prior to that, Jack delivered specialized counsel to real estate investors, small business owners and real estate professionals on tax, legal and financial matters. As an industry expert, Jack is a frequent speaker on the topic of self-directed retirement plans and an accredited continuing education instructor for the Florida and Georgia Bar Associations, Florida and Georgia Real Estate Commissions, and The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He earned his bachelor of science degree in finance and multinational business from Florida State University and his law degree from the University of Florida College of Law.


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