SMRC, dba Promises Billions to Charity by Architecting the Digital Conscience

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Phil Nakata, a former IBM Chief Technology Officer, and founder says, "...the technology we use is more common than you would think. We just thought about it differently."

The value primarily comes from SMRC's unique inorganic growth strategy that taps into 3 of the 'largest, untapped, combined-trillion dollar market's out there.'

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Recently incorporated Boulder social-enterprise, Social Market Research for Charity, dba (SMRC), announced its plans today to give everyone biometrically secure digital companion whose directive is to become "everyone's trusted guardian, companion and guide in life", while using its business intelligence to generate, per 10 million people, an estimated $3.5+ billion per year for charity.

Their founder, Phil Nakata, a former IBM Chief Technology Officer and former Computer Science Corporation Partner explains, "By giving everyone a trusted digital companion -- think a siri with the intelligence of a supercomputer -- we can provide everyone the individually tailored knowledge, resources, and security they need to fully express themselves. Then by taking how business is done on the web currently, and feeding it the red pill, we can use the system's business intelligence to create massive amounts of value for humanity [the individuals and their social causes], by, first, biometrically securing everyone's identities, while simultaneously giving them back the revenues and control of something which is worth trillions: their market data."

The value primarily comes from SMRC's unique inorganic growth strategy that taps into "3 of the largest, untapped, combined-trillion dollar market's out there." These market are:

1. The 46% of the market that doesn't respond to advertisements, and market research, according to Harris Interactive Poll. Response to SMRC's sponsored marketing generates $5-10/hour to the individual and their causes (i.e. $10 to cause, $10 to the individual). Nakata says, "[This] gives everyone on the web a market research job -- presented as a game -- that equally funds their charities. This can go a long way towards solving unemployment, while improving the world in the people's vision; creating a true democracy."
2. The data authentication market (determining what interaction is real, and what isn't, i.e. the removal of bots).
3. The users who come out of the social identity fraud crisis, whose most serious consequences, according to Barracuda Networks, effects, conservatively, twice the number of people that traditional identity fraud does. This market is not limited to the elimination of the hacking into of any personal accounts, through biometric encryption, such as keystroke patterns and gait.

Nakata says to doubters, "...I have been in the business for 30 years, managing some of the largest technology projects in the world, and the technology we use is more common than you would think. We just thought about it differently."

"Our goals will only succeed through trust, we understand that. This is why we reveal no personal data; everything is anonymous. In fact, we can't access our user's personal information. Our technology makes it forbidden to us."

Lastly, Nakata accentuates, "This A.I. is not the type you would see in Hollywood. Instead this intelligence is modeled around the individual's media environments, and their social circles; becoming reflective of individual, and nothing else. Now you can use your A.I.'s value to -- rather than destroy humanity-- save it, by providing technology that makes everyone needed, while helping them find purpose in life.... Don't worry, we're not Skynet. We won't incinerate your dog."

You can see their goals and value statement at

SMRC will donate 92 percent of its revenues to charity.

For media or partnership inquiries please contact:

Phillip Nakata, Principal Founder/Chief Business Officer
355 S. 38th St.
Ph: 303-435-5206

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