Digital Sign Technologies is Introducing New Money-Saving 3D Printing Consumables by Canada Powder

New alternative 3D printing materials are hitting the market. With improved chemistry and great quality, these consumables make durable 3D models at the fraction of the cost of OEM materials.

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Mississauga, Ontario (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

Digital Sign Technologies announces the release of new cost-effective and durable 3D printing materials for Zcorp, ProJet x60 and other powder-based 3D printers.

The new 3D powder and binder system delivers durability, structural integrity and fine detail which allows great versatility in the final products, at a fraction of the original materials cost. The chemists at Canada Powder have been developing 3D printing powder over the last 4 years to enhance its strength, dimensional stability and consistency with a revolutionary unique mixing technique and a selection of laboratory-grade chemicals. The newly designed 3D powder has an improved texture and more conditioners to ensure optimal performance in varying climate conditions, and the models created with Canada Powder’s materials have been tested to be stronger than the ones produced with OEM products.

Compatible with Zcorp and ProJet Printers x60 printers by 3D systems, new products include 3D printing powder, clear binder and colored binders.

Digital Sign Technologies has been delivering alternative printing consumables for the past 15 years. It pioneered printing inks for wide-format printers, cartridge chip solutions, bulk ink feeding systems, and print head recovery systems.

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3D Printing Powder 3D Printing Powder

3D printing powder for Zcorp and ProJet x60 printers, by Canada Powder.

4 Pack of Binders 4 Pack of Binders

Multi-color pack of color binders for 3D printing.

Clear Binder Clear Binder

Colorless binder to use with 3D printing powder.