The Daughters of Bling are Graduating

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The founding four daughters behind the religious jewelry and gift company, Christian Bling, are saying goodbye to their hometown of Atlanta and venturing off to college. Despite the fact that many judge their generation for being lazy and self-centered, the Christian Bling girls are entrepreneurs, all strongly committed to their company's faith-based mission.

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My goal is to expand Christian Bling to Spanish-speaking countries around the world. Ideally, I will be able to empower women in multiple countries and help them to become financially, emotionally, and spiritually successful.

Many Americans characterize the youth of today as being technology obsessed, overly-entitled whiners, with little to no work ethic. While this may be true for some, these stereotypes can in no way be applied to the four teenage co-founders of the faith-based jewelry and gift company, Christian Bling.

Beginning with the very first meeting at the attorney’s office to set up the legal entity, the teenage daughters were involved in every step of the start-up business venture. Over time, each of the young girls has discovered specific aspects of the business which she is most skilled at and passionate about. From designing and making the jewelry, photographing the pieces for the website, assisting in purchasing decisions and reviewing bank statements, the four teenage co-founders have always remained fully involved in all aspects of running the business. Additionally, working together has had the added benefit of bringing each of the the mothers and daughters much closer. One of the four young Bling girls, Mary Ruth Nagel, explains, “My involvement with Christian Bling has increased the respect that I have for my mom. Seeing her business sense and strong work ethic first hand has made me appreciate her even more.”

When company co-founder, April Nagel, invited her three closest girl friends and their daughters over for a night of bracelet making, she had no way of knowing that it would transform into a full blown company, but that’s exactly what happened. The group had so much fun creating beautiful pieces together that they actually began considering the “what ifs” of forming a business. So there in the basement of a friend’s house, the mother-daughter team began their start-up; ordering inventory, taking classes, designing pieces and making jewelry. When one of the daughters noticed how wonderfully the new pieces could be enhanced simply by adding a cross or religious medal, the ladies knew they had found a great niche. Just a few months later the idea had led to the creation of the company now formally known as Christian Bling.

Since its start up, the mother-daughter company has developed into a very successful home-party plan business. Today the company has over 15 employees, a two story showroom in the heart of Atlanta, and sales consultants across the country. Still, the daughters of Christian Bling will soon all be facing a new “real-world” challenge as they begin school this fall... learning to balance their college workload and various social temptations with their entrepreneurial commitments. The mothers are confident that their daughters have grown into strong young women of faith and doubt any of them will have trouble staying focused on the company’s mission. After talking with the group for just a few minutes, anyone can easily see why the moms are not too worried about the girls getting distracted. Young co-founder, Maria (“Mia”) Voss, states, “As I embark upon the next chapter in my life, I hope to continue my interest in fashion by working to earn an international business degree. My goal is to expand Christian Bling to Spanish-speaking countries around the world. Ideally, I will be able to empower women in multiple countries and help them to become financially, emotionally, and spiritually successful.” It is not hard to see that these four teenagers do not belong anywhere near a “lazy and self-centered” generational label.

Christian Bling was founded on a sincere desire to expand the reach and impact of beautifully made Christian and Catholic jewelry and gifts. They offer traditional, trendy and uniquely designed pieces, changing old norms of what has defined “religious jewelry” in the past. Offering a large variety of options for men, women, and children, the Christian Bling line is available for purchase through the website and hosted trunk shows. The company founders are currently seeking potential consultants across the country to join their team and support the mission to combine Faith with Fashion... because Faith is Beautiful. Visit the company's website for more information.

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