Is Your Cookware Healthy? Cuisine Sante International Introduces the New Way Of Cooking

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Patented 7 ply thermal sandwich base combined with the highest quality "Surgical ChromoTanium Stainless Steel" makes Cuisine Santé Cookware the highest quality cookware available today in the industry.

Use healthy cooking methods.

Today's consumers are savvier than ever. When it comes to healthy eating there are a variety of foods available - organic, gluten-free and wheat-free to name a few. The food people buy today can directly affect their health. While chefs may debate which cookware is best for commercial applications, the average person can get lost in all the information that’s available. Here is the Cuisine Santé International review on what’s available, and how it can affect your health.

There is a definite link between your style of cooking and the cookware that suits it best. According to “Best Cookware Guide” there are a variety of features you should be aware of. For example, using cookware in the oven, as well as the stove top, limit the types of cookware available. Handles should be given special attention as the may conduct heat and become dangerously hot while cooking. Lids can make a difference in the quality of your food. Metal lids require lift them to see contents, thereby allowing important vitamins and nutrients to escape with steam, glass lids help to avoid this problem.

The type of metal used in cookware can also affect the taste of the foods you eat. According to the HealthCare section of the Costco website while cast iron may be one of the best conductors of heat, it is high maintenance and may alter the taste of acidic foods such as tomatoes. Aluminum is much lighter, and conducts heat much better, however heat distribution is uneven, aluminum damages easily and many have concerns over cooking with aluminum. Ceramic is a great alternative for ovens, however works poorly (if at all) on stove tops. Stainless steel (a mix of at least 2 metals) is the most commonly viewed best overall cookware, however it also has limitations. Stainless usually contains nickel, and there are a growing number of people allergic to nickel. As well stainless on its own does not conduct heat evenly and therefore is prone to “hot spots”. Coated cookware is widely viewed as convenient, but potentially hazardous. The coating (often referred to as Teflon) is easily damaged, leading to ingestion of perflourooctanoic acid (PFOA). According to the Cancer Society Survivors website Teflon is best left alone. So really what is left?

When the properties of stainless steel were analyzed it was widely thought to be the safest cookware available. The problem was the heat distribution properties. This led to the advent of “multi layered” cookware. Multi layered cookware contains 1 or more layers of metal other than stainless steel, these layers generally have desirable cookware properties such as copper for heat distribution. Think of it as the best of all worlds, with a few minor limitations. First stainless still contains nickel as was mentioned earlier. Second is that many stainless steel cookware sets are not compatible with the emerging trend of induction stoves. Induction stove technology can save consumers up to 60% on their electricity bills and are becoming ever more popular in North America.

There is now an emergence of titanium cookware sets available, these may have all the advantages of traditional cookware, but are also considered the healthiest. The “For Dummies” website points out that cookware sets made of aluminum, copper, ceramics, iron, stainless or Teflon will alter the taste of many acidic foods, or leech harmful contaminants. Titanium on the other hand is one of the strongest, purest metals available. Craig Stellpflug, a cancer nutritional specialist, pointed out in Natural News titanium provides the peace of mind consumers may be looking for. As pointed out on EHow the downside is titanium on its own is prone to creating hotspots.

Cuisine Santé International reviewed all the types available and then combined the best of all worlds in their 7 ply chromotanium cookware. The cookware is an exclusive chrome and titanium blend for the surfaces that come in contact with food. Sandwiched between the titanium are five layers with different properties to enhance the cookware. Copper for heat distribution and aluminum for conductivity for example. They are compressed with 1200 pounds of pressure for durability. Glass lids mean people can see the food cooking, and the thermometers on each lid give the accurate temperature readings for perfect cooking every time.

To summarize many reviews of cookware can be biased, and some claims are plain old scams, but in the end the type of cookware you use will depend on your intentions when cooking. Cuisine Santé offers the ability to try before buy through their free dinner for two presentations, who else offers a meal cooked in their cookware before expecting to buy it?

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