WebRTC Startup Temasys Launches ‘SkywayTM’ for Easiest Embedding of WebRTC into Devices, Apps, Websites and Browsers

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WebRTC Startup Temasys Launches ‘SkywayTM’ for Easiest Embedding of WebRTC into Devices, Apps, Websites and Browsers

Temasys is one of only seven organizations creating WebRTC DNA on W3C standards committee.

Temasys Communications, a Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) start-up, has launched the Temasys SkywayTM platform, providing the tools and infrastructure for businesses and developers to embed WebRT simply into devices, applications, websites and browsers. WebRTC allows browser-to-browser audio, video and data connections.

WebRTC is a collection of JavaScript APIs, which when combined into WebRTC, promises real-time communications that are of better quality and lower cost than those being widely used today. It allows embedded real-time communications into any web, mobile, or software application without special software or using older technologies like Flash or Java.

Temasys CEO Mr. Chip Wilcox noted, “Everyone from huge multinationals like Intel and Google to start-ups like us is working as fast as we can to deliver the innovations, technologies and products that will disrupt and transform how people communicate. We are providing the technology for businesses and developers to serve the peer-to-peer, group and enterprise communication markets with audio, video and data services.

“For example, Temasys is developing and validating a WebRTC-powered video, audio, and chat solution for use with a market leading social business solution. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to deploy and scale real time communications solutions that integrate seamlessly with their online communities.

Temasys Chief Technology Officer Dr. Alexandre (Alex) Gouaillard noted, “While there are somewhere between 80 and 100 companies claiming to support WebRTC, there are only 37 companies who are members of the WebRTC working group in the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). They help define the standard as IETF and W3C members. Temasys is however, one of only seven companies contributing to the DNA of WebRTC, the actual reference code used by everyone building WebRTC applications (others are Google, Mozilla, Opera, Intel, Vonage and Imagination Technologies). WebRTC is the future of communications and we are playing a key role in its propagation and adoption.

“While WebRTC is hugely exciting, it remains just an API and on its own allows for only a fraction of true functionality. To bring WebRTC to its true promise, additional technologies are needed. Temasys SkywayTM provides developer tools that allow proof on concepts to be created in minutes, with APIs, SDKs and CMS (content management system) widgets. It also provides the infrastructure to create proof of scale within hours, agile scaling at web speed and an enterprise grade infrastructure to manage potentially hundreds of millions of users,” concluded Dr. Gouaillard.

A massive transformation is underway in online and mobile audio/video communication as companies rush to implement WebRTC-enabled communication and collaboration capabilities by embedding it into their web sites and mobile apps.

Industries that will be affected include the US$30 billion enterprise communications market, with leaders including Cisco, Polycom and Vidyo; the multibillion dollar telecommunications and over-the-top (OTT) sector; and the web applications market. For example, Viber, WeChat and Whatsapp currently lack video conferencing. Using Temasys’ WebRTC-powered platform, any of these players could provide video in addition to audio and chat services, easily, securely, and at low cost.

WebRTC has tremendous potential across several sectors, including in conferencing and collaboration, contact centers, human resources and recruitment, training, education and distance learning, market research and focus groups, tele-health and transactional data exchange. The data channel provides opportunities for file sharing, gaming and financial transaction processing.

Temasys will launch its web API, mobile SDKs for iOS and Android in June 2014. Best-in-class WebRTC functionality with add-ons and plugins for content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are slated for release in July 2014.

Temasys has raised nearly US$2 million in angel/seed financing. It is now raising Series A of about US$5 million. The funds will be used for ongoing work with key customers on R&D projects and expansion of the team, including engineering, marketing and PR, and sales and business development, with an aim to double the team over the next six to 12 months in both Singapore and in Silicon Valley.

Temasys is already working on projects with large enterprise customers in unified communications and social media platforms. Discussions are ongoing with companies in medical devices, call centres and large financial services companies that want to leverage the WebRTC DataChannel for peer-to-peer transaction processing.

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About Temasys: Temasys provides leading edge, embedded communications technology, delivering the next disruptive generation of Internet communication desktop and mobile tools, products and services, by enhancing and extending the Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) standard to meet global enterprise requirements. Our products and tool kits lever the latest standards for unified communications on desktop *and* mobile devices. We help our partners and customers build robust, viable, and future-­proof solutions, and we compete against legacy vendors by offering more value, and more flexible and accessible services. Our intellectual property and technology leadership is our hallmark: Temasys’ IP is present in 80% of our solutions. Temasys is recognized for its expertise in leveraging the WebRTC standard, and is actively engaged in its development. Team members participate on W3C and IETF WebRTC standards committees, and we contribute to the development of the open source codebase from which all WebRTC applications are derived.

Temasys was founded and is headquartered in Singapore. We have a list of current and potential partners and customers all over the world. Temasys is one of the few truly “global-­ready” WebRTC solutions providers and has been recognized by the industry for many of its achievements to date, including a recent nomination by IBM as a “Cool New Start Up to Watch” (IBM Connect 2014).

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