Tenants.com Celebrates First Birthday

Tenants.com, a website that provides information and resources for both tenants and landlords is one year old and growing fast. At only one year, the site is boldly running, after skipping both the crawling and walking stage.

Austin TX (PRWEB) June 20, 2014

Regarded as somewhat a prodigy with the expansive knowledge of tenant issues at such a young age, the Tenants.com website has been helping tenants with solutions for rent, security deposit, lease, eviction and other problems that tenants often have to deal with.

“While other one year olds are barely able to function, the Tenants.com website has been providing valuable information to both tenants and landlords,” said Ryan Wiggins, of Tenants.com. He added that “We are proud of the growth and intend to expand on the services and products available through our site.”

For tenants, resources include articles on security deposit refunds, eviction notices, tenant rental insurance, and lease questions. Services include help finding a rental, purchasing insurance, legal services, and moving company services. A tenant forum allows tenants to share their common experiences.

For landlords, the Tenants.com site provides articles to help the landlord with common tenant and maintenance problems, software product comparisons, tenant screening, and legal questions. A forum is also provided for landlords to share their experiences.

From its first baby steps to its current one year birthday, Tenants.com has focused on being a fun and easy way to get help for serious issues. In addition to the serious side, the website also provides funny stories and jokes relating to tenant experiences.

About Tenant.com
Born in June of 2013, the Tenants.com website is a leading resource for both tenant issues and landlord issues. By helping inform and educate both tenants and landlords, Tenants.com hopes to prevent conflicts before they escalate into legal problems.


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