Shaolin Annual Summer Qi Retreat: Zen Meditation in Creating Space & Higher Consciousness

Shaolin Chan Foundation co-hosts Annual Summer Qi Retreat with Shaolin Institute on July 11-16 at Dock Holiday Blue Ridge Mountains, Ga, creating harmonic healing Qi in state of higher consciousness.

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Healing starts with Chan meditation to let “that it” go so as to create space to generate dynamic healing and harmonic Qi.

Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB) June 24, 2014

Shaolin Chan Foundation and Shaolin Institute will be co-hosting a special 6-day Qi retreat at Dock Holiday, a 7-bedroom cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northwest Georgia July 11-16th.

The program is entitled “Zen: Higher Consciousness with Infinite Mind.” The entire retreat is designed for universal freedom and liberty of body and mind in order to be in present consciousness according to the Zen Master Shi DeRu.

“Healing starts with Chan meditation which allows us to let “that it” go so as to create space to generate dynamic but harmonic healing Qi. It all begins with relaxation and mind calmness. Healing requires an empty mind to reach higher consciousness. Healing also requires positive Qi to strengthen the immune system” says Shi DeRu.

In accordance with the Qi retreat curriculum, higher consciousness meditation helps to sharpen one’s intuition and make the connection between the subconscious and super conscious world thereby improving not only one’s outlook on life, but also inner Qi flow and one’s overall health.

Participants will also be provided with information on making changes or improvements to their physical and mental health through Zen nutritional choices as meals provided during the retreat will be held to these standards.

The Qi retreat in its entirety is all about setting free one’s inner harmonic Qi to connect with high consciousness, to resonate with the Qi of cosmic consciousness, to open our DNA codons, and to unleash the healing power and potential wisdom and intelligence within us all.

For more information and contact: 770-286-9808;

The program and accommodations will be held at the Dock Holiday.

7-room Cabin in beautiful and scenic Blue Ridge overlooking Mountain Lake.


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