Newest Remedy For Snoring is Singing – Dr Grossan's Singing Exercise to Stop Snoring

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Hydro Med’s Dr Grossan shows that there are simple cures for snoring that are effective. His latest article on snoring relief is in Bottom Line Health November 2014, "Cure Snoring With a Song."

Hydro Med Inc continues its campaign against snoring. Too many persons and their partners suffer needlessly when one partner keeps the other from sleeping. Snoring is easy to stop when it is early. Singing works well.

In the early stages of snoring, simple measures such as sleeping on the left side, avoiding food before bedtime, having a dark bedroom, and opening the nasal breathing passage are usually successful. Unfortunately, persons seeking snoring relief go to the Internet and find recommendations for surgery and over 300 devices. They currently don’t find simple effective remedies.

Sleep Apnea Increasing Incidence:
Hydro Med’s Dr. Murray Grossan is a board certified Otolaryngologist who is determined to reduce the rising incidence of Sleep Apnea. “If more people use easy snoring remedies, we will have less sleep apnea tragedies.”

Snoring and Obesity:
Snoring is a primary cause of obesity. In "Sleep Interrupted", Dr Steven Park explains the mechanism: In the morning, persons who didn’t sleep well, are fatigued. Then they overeat to stay alert. That extra fat deposits in the throat to increase snoring.

Snoring and Accidents:
The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine in Dec 15, 2009 reports that persons with obstructive sleep apnea have a significant crash-rate ratio, between 1.21 to 4.89. Sleep apnea is a significant cause of the 4,000 truck fatalities reported in the United States. Sleep apnea can be a factor when the vehicle crosses the parkway divider and runs head on into a bus.(Tregar)

The purpose of this campaign is to reduce those avoidable tragedies by stopping early snoring that may become obstructive sleep apnea.

Singing Cure:
For this purpose, Dr Grossan published in the Bottom Line Personal Publication of October 2014 his instructions; “ How to Cure Snoring with a Song.”

Researchers (Olay) show that singing exercises make the throat muscles stronger so that they don’t collapse in deep sleep and cause snoring. (Pal)

Onc such exercise is to place the tongue firmly on the hard palate and pronounce the vowels forcibly. Another muscle method is to hum.

Dr Murray Grossan explains, “Snoring may evolve to a more serious condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) because snoring causes less oxygen to the brain. The complications that snoring causes – acid reflux, overeating, hypertension, fatigue – these create a vicious cycle. The more the reflux, the more the snoring; the more the overweight, the more the snoring. (Jordon) Once OSA develops, it is more difficult to cure. These can be prevented by early attention to good breathing and good sleep.”

The current Bottom Line article is part of a campaign by Hydro Med Inc. to reduce snoring and it’s complications

Hydro Med’s Campaign Against Snoring:

  • Hydro Med will send information on snoring therapy via its Hydro Pulse™ Nasal/Sinus Irrigation mailing list.
  • Readers will be encouraged to pass the information on to others.
  • Hydro Med will encourage popular writers to discuss these snoring remedies.

The expanded pamphlet on How to Stop Snoring is available free of charge.

Specific questions from writers and readers will be answered, excluding individual medical advice.

Too often, persons with snoring are reluctant to seek treatment, having heard unenthusiastic stories about surgery and expense. The truth is that simple procedures work in most cases. Example: For fifty cents, a tennis ball sewed to the back of a T-shirt prevents a person from sleeping on their back – voila! No more snoring.

Often, snoring patients seek sleeping pills for poor sleep instead of asking for relief from snoring!

The most severe cases of Obstructive Sleep Apnea respond well to treatment, but only when the patient seeks treatment.

Children who Snore:
Some children are misdiagnosed with ADHD, when actually what they have is obstructive sleep apnea that can be cured. In a recent study, (Chervin) the child with poor attention, poor learning, highly irritable was actually a bright happy child once the snoring/poor sleep was corrected.

This country has a high obesity rate. Snoring is a cause of overeating for needed energy and can be corrected. Parks)

Dr Grossan: Medical writers should realize that the current popularity for caffeinated drinks speaks to the individuals who sleep poorly because of snoring. They may have a snoring problem that singing can correct!

Companions Need Relief Too:

Dr Grossan adds, “One must remember that a companion also suffers when the partner snores. You don’t have a happy relationship when the partner sleeps on the couch. Therefore, I invite all readers and writers to join me in my effort to reduce snoring.”


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