IndiGoBoom Introduces Everlasting Unlimited Music Distribution

Independent artists looking to distribute their music on iTunes, Spotify and other services, have until recently been held hostage to a river of annual fees, per store fees or per release fees. Digital distributor IndiGoBoom recently made a move to counter what it describes as “Blatant exploitation of musicians” by introducing a lifetime membership system.

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“An artists music is his or her legacy and should not be dependant on the artist constantly paying to keep it available”

Mont Vernon NH (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

Once an artist is a member of IndiGoBoom, there are quite simply no more fees to pay ever and the artist is free to release as many songs and albums as he or she wishes and keep them online indefinitely.

“An artist's music is his or her legacy and should not be dependant on the artist constantly paying to keep it available,” says MD David Gjester. “This becomes specially important as we enter the age of streaming where revenue is made over longer time as opposed to the old first week sales concept.”

Streaming changes how money is made
It is safe to assume that few to no artists break with their first single. It takes time and testing to make it in music. Paying every year and for every release gets expensive and is an old fashioned model designed to take as much of the artists money as possible. Indigoboom urges artists to instead “think long term about music distribution and save hundreds of dollars in the process.”

As an example:
Releasing two albums and one single per year is an average output rate for a modern artist. The exponential cost of this in a per release/annual/per store model is demonstrated in the attached graph.


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