Nighttime Teeth Grinding Solution, GrindGuardN Now Called GrindReliefN

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Dr. Joe Pelerin, inventor of GrindGuardN, initiates rebranding efforts for the popular nighttime teeth grinding mouth guard.

Popular nighttime mouth guard, GrindGuardN rebrands to be called GrindReliefN.

Popular nighttime teeth grinding solution, GrindGuardN, changes name to GrindReliefN.

Dr. Joe Pelerin, DDS, the Michigan family dentist who invented the first anti-grinding, anti-clenching device with a unique Central Power Bar, has changed the name of the product from GrindGuardN to GrindReliefN. The product will remain unchanged amidst rebranding efforts.

“We made the name change for two related reasons,” says Dr. Pelerin. “First, the device does indeed provide relief for those who suffer from jaw, head and neck pain caused by clenching and grinding at night. And, two, because we will soon add over-the-counter sales to our online availability, the timing is right.”

GrindReliefN has been hailed by the dental products community, as well as users on Fox2 News and Facebook, for being the only bite guard with a Central Power Bar to reduce bite force by up to 60 percent. And it comes with a Three-Year Wear-Through Guarantee.

“Imagine trying to bite down on a pencil with your front teeth. It’s virtually impossible to grind the back ones at the same time because the clenching power in the back of the mouth is dissipated,” says Dr. Pelerin. “It’s the same principle when the patient wears a GrindReliefN, resulting in the elimination of clenching, grinding and pain for a good night’s sleep.”

Dr. Pelerin was inspired to create GrindReliefN due to his own problems with clenching and grinding.

“I was frustrated by all the large horseshoe-shaped devices and bite guards. So I decided to invent an appliance that was smaller, easier to use, affordable and, above all, really works,” he says. “The patient merely softens GrindReliefN in a cup of warm water, forms it to either the upper or lower arch of the mouth, allows it cool, and in a matter of seconds has a custom-fitted guard that works better than any other—one that costs only $5 to $10 more than the highest-priced anti-clenching device available at drug stores today.”

For more information about GrindReliefN, visit or call 877.401.1224.

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