Abdominal Device Offers the Next Generation of Body Sculpting

The most effective ab device available, ABXCORE, is an ergonomic, compact, and safe way to train the abdominal muscles.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2014

Strong core muscles are essential for total body strength, good posture, and proper balance, but sedentary lifestyles can prevent people from exercising those muscles. The latest in ab exercise devices, ABXCORE, combines convenience with the newest technology to provide a targeted workout for people just starting an exercise regimen as well as for athletes looking for a challenge. The creators of ABXCORE have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $125,000 by August 9 to help with the cost of mass production.

As lifestyles become increasingly inactive, ABXCORE reverses the sedentary trend by engaging otherwise relaxed muscles while sitting in a vehicle and at home and work in front of a computer. “ABXCORE isolates abdominal muscle groups, including the obliques, rectus abdominis, and lower abs,” said creator Omar Attalah. “It won’t strain your back or neck, and it’s comfortable to use at the office, in the gym, and just about anywhere.”

ABXCORE is ergonomically designed and versatile with interchangeable springs allowing for varying degrees of resistance. The locking mechanism on each side allows the user to control the range of motion in order to target isolated muscle groups. “It is safe to use for rehabilitation, and also for those with disability and weight issues,” said Attalah.

With three different designs of ABXCORE – one for women, one for men, and one unisex design for use in a gym – the device is designed for everyone. The ABXCORE for men includes four seven-pound resistance springs, the device for women comes with four two-pound resistance springs, and the unisex device comes with four two-pound springs and four seven-pound springs.

The crowdfunding campaign will help pay for testing, modifying and certifying the final design and then the first run of production. Supporters of the campaign will enjoy early bird pricing on the ABXCORE device. The first 50 contributors giving $99 will receive one ABXCORE for men or women. After those are gone, the next 100 contributors giving $130 will receive one ABXCORE for men or women. After those first 150 are sold, campaign supporters will still have the opportunity to give receive one ABXCORE device for a contribution of $160.

Gyms looking to offer the ABXCORE device can receive eight unisex devices with a campaign contribution of $1,000. Supporters giving $5,000 will receive one ABXCORE for men or women plus a two-hour session with Attalah, which includes working with the device as well as a custom diet and complete body analysis. Supporters contributing $10,000 will receive one ABXCORE for men and one for women as well as a seven-day training program with Attalah, which consists of two four-hour sessions each day and a complete body analysis and custom diet program.

For more information about ABXCORE, visit ABXCORE.com. To contribute to the company’s campaign, visit kck.st/1xEOX03.