Prevalence of Untreated Severe Mental Illness by State

A New Public-Service Resource from the Treatment Advocacy Center

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Arlington, Virginia (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

To continue raising public awareness of mental illness treatment issues, the Treatment Advocacy Center has published a fact sheet providing state-by-state population numbers on the prevalence of schizophrenia and severe bipolar disorder, including the number of those people who are untreated during a 12-month period.

”Prevalence of Untreated Serious Mental Illness by State” provides the public with a central source of state-by-state information about the following:

  •     Number of adults diagnosed with schizophrenia and severe bipolar disorder
  •     Number of those diagnosed with untreated schizophrenia
  •     Number of those diagnosed with untreated severe bipolar disorder

The numbers were calculated using 2014 U.S. Census Bureau population data and National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimates of prevalence and treatment by diagnosis.

Individuals with untreated schizophrenia or severe bipolar disorder are the most at-risk populations for a host of poor outcomes that affect them and their communities. These consequences of non-treatment include arrest, incarceration, hospitalization, homelessness, victimization and violence, including suicide, homicide and other violent acts.

Prevalence of Untreated Serious Mental Illness by State” is published as a public service of the Treatment Advocacy Center to further evidence-based knowledge and understanding of mental illness treatment issues in America.

All of the Treatment Advocacy Center’s resources can be found at, including our studies on mental illness in jails and prisons, state civil commitment laws and law enforcement shootings involving people with untreated severe mental illness.


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