A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation Created to Inspire Global Entrepreneurship

Founders of A Billion Entrepreneurs – the Movie, believe nonprofit will bring more opportunity and awareness to entrepreneurship.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

A Billion Entrepreneurs – the Movie, has created a nonprofit organization to inspire global entrepreneurship. The nonprofit, A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation, aims to plant the seed of entrepreneurship into generations of people throughout the world.

The founders of the movement believe that they will be able to reach more people with their message of purpose, responsibility, and entrepreneurship as a nonprofit organization.

“This important decision was made in order to give ABE the ability to form partnerships and relationships with other global organizations who have similar goals; i.e., to inspire people to become entrepreneurs,” says ABE’s director, Jimmy Newson.

A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation is preparing a series of events this summer to create awareness. It will also build a web-based video series featuring successful and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, as well as announce its upcoming Documentary Film KickStarter campaign.

“Becoming a nonprofit organization will give us more opportunities for anyone interested in entrepreneurship to rally behind our catalyzing statement™, which is “An Entrepreneur in Every Home,” states Jimmy Newson.

A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation was established by Rick Sapio. “Our goal is to spread the message of entrepreneurship, and the freedom that goes along with living a purpose-filled life,” says Rick, who is also a key character in the transformational documentary film.

About A Billion Entrepreneurs – the Movie:

A Billion Entrepreneurs (“ABE”) is an inspiring film about finding your purpose and taking responsibility for manifesting that purpose in the world, so that you can have freedom, security, and success in your life. For further information, contact Jimmy Newson, Director: 646-643-7881.

About A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation:

A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation's objective is to plant the seed of entrepreneurship into generations and re-define the word, “entrepreneurship” to mean, “Taking responsibility for outcomes, and ultimately for all aspects of one’s life.”