Bloomsbury Films Explains Top Tips for African Wedding Videography

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African weddings are filled with vibrancy and ancient culture - Bloomsbury Films explain key traditions that a videographer and photographer must plan for.

Bloomsbury Films

It’s important however that the photographer and videographer to be carefully prepared to capture the special symbolic moments, the importance of family and the joy of the crowd.

As one of the UK’s leading event videographers, Bloomsbury Films is well versed in a range of culture specific wedding ceremonies, including the supremely vibrant African wedding. They offer need-to-know tips that the photographer and videographer must be prepared to immortalise the wonderful traditions successfully.

African wedding filming must capture the beautifully rich colours and textiles worn by guests, as well as the sumptuous banquet that will be laid out says Bloomsbury. But more than that, there are important traditions which hold deep cultural symbolism, and these must be appreciated accordingly. While there are a many different tribes originating from Africa, each with their own specific way of upholding their individual culture and ancient ways, there are a few common traditions which the professional photographer and videographer needs to know about in order to be ready to capture them in the perfect light and angle.


An Africa wedding is considered to be the joining of two families. For this reason it is absolutely crucial to get lots of footage of the entire family advises Bloomsbury.

Libation Ceremony

Holy water or alcohol is poured onto the ground in each of the cardinal directions as prayers are recited and the names of the ancestral spirits are called out. In some cases, the libation ceremony honours the elders in a family, and asks them to pass on their wisdom and guidance. Bloomsbury suggests multiple angles to capture this from all four directions.

Kola Nuts

The kola nut is used for medicinal purposes in Africa and also represents the couple and their families' willingness to always help heal each other when facing problems. For this reason they are important at African weddings. Particularly in Nigeria, it is essential to the wedding ceremony that a kola nut is shared between the couple and their parents. This kola nut will be treasured in the couple’s home.

Wrist Tying

While affirming their commitment to each other the bride and groom will have their wrists tied together with a special cloth, braided grass or a strand of cowrie shells (symbols of fertility and prosperity) by the officiate or a close friend. This symbolises their unity in all things as a married couple. Bloomsbury advises that the photographer and videographer be prepared for close-up shots at this time.

Jumping the Broom

The broom symbolises sweeping away the past, so that the couple can start a fresh life together. The couple would step over a broom which is usually handmade and beautifully decorated at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony. They would treasure this symbol in their home forever.

Director of Bloomsbury Films, Andrew Cussens, concluded: “With the exuberance, spectacular colours and rich ancient culture, African wedding filming is a great experience. It’s important however that the photographer and videographer to be carefully prepared to capture the special symbolic moments, the importance of family and the joy of the crowd.”

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