Announcing the Elementary Division Grand Prize Winner of Instant Immersion™ VT’s End of School Year Celebration 2014

TOPICS Entertainment congratulates Summit Hills Elementary of Idaho Falls, Idaho as the Grand Prize Winner in the Elementary Division of the Instant Immersion™ VT End of School Year Celebration 2014. By submitting the winning essay, Summit Hills will be able to provide up to $15,168-worth of language-learning courses for up to 250 students for the 2014-2015 school year.

Renton, Washington (PRWEB) June 27, 2014

TOPICS Entertainment ( congratulates Summit Hills Elementary of Idaho Falls, Idaho as the Grand Prize Winner in the Elementary Division of the Instant Immersion™ VT End of School Year Celebration 2014. Winners were selected from school-submitted short essays based on the question, “How would Instant Immersion VT benefit (your school’s name) students?” Grand Prize awards can provide up to $15,168-worth of language-learning tools.

Summit Hills chose to receive all Spanish multimedia tools including the Instant Immersion™ VT e-learning course, Instant Immersion™ on-the-go audio courses and the digital edition of the Instant Immersion™ workbook as part of a student enrichment program.

Twenty-two percent of Summit Hills Elementary School’s students speak Spanish at home, but don’t speak their native language at school. The administration at Summit Hills, however, sees an opportunity to help these students embrace their unique linguistic abilities and to help non-Spanish-speaking students learn Spanish. Imagine the power of peer mentorships and Instant Immersion.

“The students at our school are very high achievers,” writes teacher Alisha Johnson. “It would be beneficial for them to have something to push them beyond their normal learning. They would be able to gain skills in a language, and they could decide if it is something they would like to learn more of in the future. We, as teachers, are always looking for ways to challenge our students, and this program can help with that. It will change lives.”

The Grand Prize includes Instant Immersion™ VT e-learning courses for up to 250 students. Schools can choose one language per student from English, Spanish, Chinese, French and over 120 additional languages. If available in the same language, the award also includes matching MP3 audio courses and digital workbooks.

About Instant Immersion™ VT
Instant Immersion™ VT’s e-learning content is the institutional-use, cloud-hosted version of Instant Immersion™. Instant Immersion™, with millions of users worldwide, is the No. 1 top-selling personal-use software for new language acquisition with over 120 available languages.

Instant Immersion™ VT is a flexible a multimedia resource for educators to implement as part of blended-learning, flipped-classroom or as supplemental curriculum. It is also suitable for distance learning, self-directed study and afterschool programs.

Instant Immersion™ VT’s neuro-linguistic research-based pedagogy and e-learning content has been proven worldwide by students of Foreign Languages (World Languages) and English Learners (ELL, ESOL, EAL, ESL)—from elementary and secondary schools (K-12), colleges and universities, corporate training programs, government training, church sponsored missions, humanitarian groups, community centers, NGOs and other organizations.

Instant Immersion™ VT for English learners also has native language support in more than 120 languages. A native Somali learning English has the option of Somali language support in Instant Immersion™ VT or the teacher has the option of 100 percent English immersion for the ELL student.    

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Instant Immersion™ VT uses a variety of activities to engage and reinforce learning that teaches useful, everyday conversational language (no useless “elephant kicking the ball” phrases) and real-world activities. Learners can also listen to, and compare speech to, both male and female native speakers. Gamification techniques motivate learners to achieve and improve on their scores.

Teachers can have confidence that students will enjoy learning a new language through a variety of fun and engaging interactive multimedia activities and games at their own pace. Instant Immersion™ VT content also meets ACTFL, TESOL and U.S. State standards.

See a complete list of over 120 Languages offered by Instant Immersion™ VT at:

About TOPICS Entertainment
TOPICS Entertainment ( is the largest privately held multimedia publisher in the United States offering the DVD, software and audio industries’ most diverse content at competitive prices in prestigious club, mass and chain retailers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. TOPICS represents well-known and respected brands, including National Geographic™, James Earl Jones Reads the Bible, the U.S. National Archives, public television’s OVER® series, the No. 1 best-selling language-learning line Instant Immersion™, and more!

TOPICS is now offering Instant Immersion™ VT ( second language e-learning solutions directly to schools, businesses and other enterprise customers.