SmartHome Device Neoji Protects Homeowners and Vulnerable Residents with Intelligent Safety and Health Features

Neoji is equipped with air quality sensors to keep the home environment healthy, while movement, sound and HD camera smart sensors adapt and learn what's normal, and alert homeowners if anything unusual occurs.

Paris, France (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

Neoji, the all-in-one smart home device, allows homeowners to be safe, secure and proactive, not only for security of the home, but also for the safety and health of vulnerable residents like the elderly and children.

Neoji's safety features include smart sound, movement, presence detection, HD camera and voice recognition systems that alert users of potential problems. For example, if someone falls, a baby cries, or an unrecognized voice or sound is heard, Neoji is designed to instantly send alerts to the best person who can take action.

Neoji adapts to what is safe and ordinary in the home. It continues learning over time. It can recognize the typical sounds of your household, regular activities, or the voices of family members and friends. The homeowner programs notifications to be sent to themselves, a neighbor, a family member, the police, or even a doctor if something is out of the norm. So if the owner is far from home, help will be summoned instantly.

Neoji is also equipped with air quality sensors that detect humidity, a gas leak, the presence of smoke, or other air pollutants like carbon monoxide. Its high sensitivity sensors also monitor airborne allergen levels and humidity levels which is crucial for people suffering from respiratory complaints, COPD, asthma or allergies.

Temperature controls detect any unusual changes which could be caused by an open window or door, or a malfunctioning appliance that needs to be addressed. Sensors can also detect if a stove is left on or water tap is left running.

Neoji is compatible with any smart device on an entirely open platform that can be used by any developer.

Neoji is currently taking pre-orders on its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for homeowners who are interested in a safer home for their families.

Additionally, for every unit sold, a tree will be planted or preserved to bolster biodiversity and naturally reduce CO2 emissions.

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