The Lords Witnesses Symbolic Decoding of the Bible Reveals that Jesus Is Coming Back to Save Us from Self Annihilation in a Stealth Airborne Ark on August 13/14, 2014

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The Lords Witnesses would like to present the last 15 months of this world according to their most recent chronological decoding.

Many end time churches believe that Jesus is returning soon. But the Lords' Witnesses take this belief to a whole new level with the following precise timetable for his return and for the end game of the present administration of mankind. Their dates are all derived from a symbolic decoding of the scriptures.

0. On June28/29, the Tishri1 Hebrew secular calendar will be changed to be a Tammuz1 secular calendar due to an upcoming new Passover. The Nisan1 sacred calendar is unaltered.

1. Twin nuclear terrorist attacks, one on Manhattan from the Hudson or the East River and the other on London from the Thames near Dartford will occur between July 1st and July 7th, 2014. Jesus arrives actually through his heavenly church of the angelic non reserve first new covenant saints who are now also as a group his wife symbolically on 2014Ab17 (2014August13/14). This is the 17th day of the second month of the Tammuz1 calendar in accordance with Genesis 7:11.

2. A New Passover in 3 parts not of the physical Jews in physical slavery to Egypt but of spiritual Jews (saints) in spiritual slavery to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society on 2014Tammuz14/Ab14/Elul14, (from 2014July11-September10).

3. The final first new Covenant reserve saints start boarding the ark on 2014Elul14 (2014September9/10) for their marriage to Jesus.

4. Jesus marries the reserve tribe of his bride in the stealth ark in the clouds on 2014Elul16 (6-16 Hebrew according to the Nisan1 sacred calendar and 2014September11/12). This marriage is also the appointment of the final true church administration, the greater Zoar. It is essentially the appointment of the Kingdom of God religiously on earth. This marriage will be attended by all the sealed saints, from heaven and from the earth - by rapture.

5. The 1st Zoar Pentecost counting from the 2014Tammuz14 new Watchtower Passover occurs on 2014Elul5 (September1/2). On this day those in Zoar get reverse ageing then indefinitely long lasting Methuselaian bodies, thanks to Methuselah's pre flood ransom sacrifice in validation of the Faith Ransom Covenant - see

6. 616 day of Revelation 13 (it's not 666 it's 616 according to the oldest known manuscript the Oxyrhynchus Fragment). This is either 2014Elul16 (the 6th month of the Nisan1 sacred calendar) or 2014Chislev16 (the 6th month of the new Tammuz1 secular calendar). In Gregorian terms this is either September11/12 or December10/11. The latter is more likely since 616 day is a very secular event when mankind is no longer permitted to buy or sell anything without a United Nations ID number of some type.

7. 2014Tishri17/Tebbeth17 (2014October12/13 or 2015January10/11), the ark comes to a standstill. Then the non saints can also start entering into it (without being raptured).

8. Some time around New Year 2015, the Stock markets worldwide become absolutely valueless - there is no one to buy their full stock any more (Revelation 18:11-13). The number of items in the long list of full stocks in these verses tells us when this final stock market crash will be - But the Lords Witnesses are unable accurately to interpret this as yet - Stay tuned!

9. 2015Tammuz1 (2015June17/18). The saints (Kings and Lords) finish boarding the ark (Genesis 8:13).

10. 2015Tammuz5 (2015June21/22). The water baptised Zoarites (Priests) finish boarding the ark (Genesis 8:13 and Daniel12:1).

11. 2015Tammuz14 (2015June30/July1). The non water baptized Zoarites (citizens) finish boarding the ark, 300 days a day for a cubit of its length after boarding commenced on 2014Elul14. 25% of mankind make it into the ark (Matthew 24:40-41, Luke 17:34-35).

12. 2015Tammuz21 (2015July7/8) The 40+40 day extinction level lava flood involving the yellowstone caldera begins.

13. The final 3 part Passover of Adam runs from 2015Ab14 to 2015Tishri14 (2015July30-September29). During this time the 25% of mankind who enter into Zoar but do not make it into the ark are protected from the volcanic fire following the pattern of Shadrach (2015Ab14 Passover, the one doorpost) Meshach (2015Elul14 Passover, the other doorpost) and Abednego (2015Tishri14 Passover, the lintel) of Daniel3 - in the secular thread - see

14. 2015Tishri10. The end of Adam, the last faithless loveless human dies. God is now atoned with mankind in that all those without faith or love are dead and all those with them are in his church. This is the end of the first death, which is adamic death. No one dies as we know it (i.e. falls asleep in death) from this day onwards 2015September24/25. This is also the last day of the 40+40 day lava flood. Everyone left alive is now non adamic. 50% are killed by the lava flood, 25% make it into the ark and 25% walk through the fire into Zoar (Matthew 24:40-41, Luke 17:34-35). For more information see

Lords Witness Doctrine is that the final part of the salvation of mankind involves a love test and not a righteousness test. In other words you can break every rule in God's book, but if you show love to your brother when he is in need, if you help him physically, even though it may well be illegal to help a person who does not have the mark of the beast (some kind of UN ID number), then you pass the final test and will be saved in the Kingdom of God, however long your list of previous sins may be. For love is moral sustainability.

So there is the future of this system according to the Lord's Witnesses. For a lot more detail and for what happens after this 15 months please see

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