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Energy Tools International’s EMF Transformer continue to build brand awareness and increase sales nationally with new clear packaging and a new landing page.

The clear boxes make it easy for customers to see and trust what they are putting onto their cell phones and electronic appliances.

To increase its visibility to consumers, Energy Tools International (ETI), announced today that it has redesigned the packaging and branding of their EMF Transformer line.

Each EMF Transformer package states, “If you use a smart phone….You need one of these! EMF protection made simple” on the front part of the package. The back side asks the question: “Why use an EMF Transformer? In just three minutes of talking on a cell phone, your brain’s electrical activity is significantly over stimulated from the electromagnetic radiation a cell phone produces.” Figures 1 and 2 show brain map images that shows over stimulation caused by radiation vs. brain map showing use of EMF Transformer on cell phone and a visual of counteracting over stimulation from radiation.

According to the FCC, at least 9.8 million people in America suffer from sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation fields. An electromagnetic field (EMF) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects such as cell towers, microwave beams, high power tension lines, cell phones, televisions, computers, florescent lights, Wi-Fi and other electrical/electronic equipment. High levels of EMF radiation is found in homes, workplaces, garages, planes and extends far beyond the wires and appliances. Electromagnetic radiation can pass through walls, floors and even vehicles. Every devise that uses electricity produces some level of EMF radiation. The more electricity that is involved the stronger the EMF's will be.

ETI’s EMF Transformer’s new packaging utilizes crystal clear boxes measuring 3 ¾” x 5/8” x 5 3/16” and featuring a proprietary resin formulation featuring an anti-scratch coating, positive interlocking tabs to provide a secure closure mechanism, high impact resistant formulation means they won’t crack or become brittle, anti-static plastic reduces static charge build-up, clear stickers provide a theft proof closure and is lead and phthalate-free.

Each crystal clear box contains (1) EMF Transformer in Clear or Black, UPC bar-coding and easy-to-read inserts including:

(1) 5” x 14” EMF Research including Threat descriptions, Dr. Fannin’s brain-mapping research, multi-research descriptions
(1) 5” x 14” EMF Product Usage and World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on cancer (IARC)

“The clear boxes make it easy for customers to see and trust what they are putting onto their cell phones and electronic appliances," says Constance Kronn, President of Energy Tools International. "While we’ve always stood apart from the competition, from a retailer’s perspective, we made sure our enhanced packaging would make even more of a visual impact on the shelf."

In addition to the new packaging, a new landing page has been created. For more information on the EMF Transformer from Energy Tools International, visit

About Energy Tools International LLC (ETI)
Founded in 2000 by Russian Radio-Physicist and Inventor Dr. Yury Kronn, and President and CEO Constance Kronn. ETI optimizes organic and inorganic components for manufacturers, and creates non-toxic, eco-friendly products for practitioners and consumers that have been tested and proven for more than a decade. A global company that is uniquely positioned to deliver superior quality products and services, offering all natural health solutions to customers in 33 countries and 2500+ healthcare practices worldwide.

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