What Is A Natural Cosmetic? FAR Botanicals Releases New White Paper To Help Retailers Explain To Their Customers

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Consumer confusion over what exactly makes a cosmetic product "natural" has been fueled by the existence of too many product standards and rampant misinformation on the internet. This leads to consumer frustration and general mistrust of product companies and retailers.

With the absence of a legal definition, marketers and private agencies have largely been left to create their own meaning for the term "natural".

Natural cosmetics are a lucrative market, hundreds of new products making some sort of natural claim are introduced each year. Since there is currently no legally supported definition for what qualifies as a natural cosmetic, this can lead to confusion for consumers and retailers alike.

With the absence of a legal definition, marketers and private agencies have largely been left to create their own meaning for the term "natural". This has spawned a multitude of natural cosmetic standards all vying for consumer acceptance. Likewise, some individual publishers of natural-leaning blogs and websites freely publish articles promoting or maligning various ingredients and products with little to no oversight. All of these factors conspire to confuse consumers who seek a clear answer to "What is a Natural Cosmetic?"

This special report, "Helping Your Customers Understand: What Is a Natural Cosmetic?" was written to be a resource for quickly understanding several of the most widely accepted natural product standards, and to provide some suggestions on how to decide if a product maker is actually being true to their natural product claims. Key topics covered in the 20+ page paper include:

  •     What Is a Natural Cosmetic?,
  •     Choosing a Standard To Define Natural Products,
  •     Should a Company's Products Be Certified? and
  •     Two Claims To Watch Out For With Natural Products.

The paper also includes cited references and a handy short-list of internationally recognized natural product standards that retailers can use as a guide for stocking their shelves, and for answering consumer questions. Interested salons, spas, boutiques and other types of beauty product retailers are invited to gain access to a copy of the report by visiting: http://www.farbotanicals.com/natural-cosmetic.

About FAR Botanicals:
FAR Botanicals produces handmade, artisan hair care products designed to specifically meet the needs of people with dry, fragile and damaged hair. It’s provided to professionals with an interest in retailing unique, sustainable beauty products. For more product and company details, visit http://farbotanicals.com/.


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