Breaking Bag: Strap Packs™ Launches the first major Innovation in Men's Portage in over 50 Years, Liberating Man and Tablet Computers from the Dreaded Murse

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Inspired by James Bond and Dirty Harry, Strap Packs™ is a new alternative product, far cooler, healthier (back) and more capable then any man purse on the planet. Innovated and tailored to support the mobility of today's technology, child care and personal travel products, Strap Packs™ has created a millennium appropriate anti-man bag, and could very well be the next rEvolution of Man and Pack.

The last major innovation in men's portage was the backpack, over half a century ago! A surprising fact, that shocked and challenged Strap Packs Creator, J. Ashenafi, into creating the next generation of tech, tablet and travel portage, custom made for today's man.

"The innovation in mobile electronics and travel size products have clearly eclipsed any innovation in the way we carry them," says J. Ashenafi, "frankly it was sad to see so many men, myself included, forced into carrying around a purse, a two century old feminine product, simply due to the absence of any innovation or attention given to today's men, by yesterday’s designers"- J. Ashenafi

It is reported that a third of Americans own a tablet computer and experts predict that these hand held devices will one day soon, replace laptop computers. With the growing trend of bigger phones, more powerful tablets, and smaller laptops, many felt it was just a matter of time until the demand spurred some rouge innovations in the tech and travel portage space.

"Frankly, I was tired of dumping my $500 tablet and $700 phone into a hand bag, along with my pocket knife, sanitizer, gum, keys, sun just seemed so grossly irresponsible, but then having to dig through it all, like my mother, just to find something, it was just so un-cool. " says J. Ashenafi, "no matter how much I paid for the bag".

It's true, many of the top international designers are capitalizing from this new demand on men by quickly expanding their women's hand bag divisions, to cater to men, but doing so in un-inspired fashion. Designer houses from Coach to Burberry have in recent years expanded to men's bags, while many others are intending to follow suit. The influx and innovation of awesome mobile electronic devices, post 9/11 demands for travel sized products, and a rise in stay-home dads, have men's bag sales up 17% and climbing (according to NPD Group, which tracks retail sales).

But now it seems man bags are adding injury to insult, as the American Chiropractic Association and British Chiropractic association announced that man bags were responsible for causing serious back injuries. According to the BCA, “the popularity of smart phones, tablets and laptops means the average weight of a bag is six kilograms (13lbs)". Carrying that much weight in purse around the neck or over the shoulders is like an anchor slowly dragging your spine out of alignment, eventually leading to severe pain and immobility.

”It’s an epidemic”, says Scott Bautch DC, spokesman for the American Chiropractic Association, “Aim for symmetry putting extra weight on one side of your body is one of the biggest back pain causes. Anytime you carry weight on one side of your body, it causes your spine to curve”.

That was the final straw that pushed Strap Packs™ creator to start thinking outside the bag, and create a new, highly functional and fashionable alternative to the dreaded man purse. A chance to liberate mankind from the great murse oppression. Strap Packs™ claims to have changed the game by innovating a special patent pending strap architecture, which maximizes proper load bearing posture, and offers a number of detachable and interchangeable portage packs. These collection of packs, distribute your gear to both sides of the body, while offering lightning quick, 'no look’ access to your gear while on the move. Strap Packs™ is offering today’s man the freedom to choose and change their packs to fit their gear, mission, mood or wardrobe, creating the very first in customizable portage.

"I just wanted to create something as sophisticated and cool as the products I love to carry, and I wanted to have it all organized and available to me when I wanted them. A more modern tech, travel and lifestyle accessory that appealed to the duality inside me, the practical side and the bravado side, the inner nerd and the warrior, a perfect new hybrid of function and fashion". -J. Ashenafi


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