Safety First This Fourth of July

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Citizens from around Northern California are finalizing their plans for Independence Day, but with personal injury threats running rampant, the potential for danger is readily apparent. The Modesto Law Offices of Christopher Der Manuelian are providing eight vital safety tips to citizens.

we’re simply trying to steer everyone out there toward a safe and responsible celebration that won’t put themselves or their neighbors at risk.

Independence Day is nearly here, but while that’s a cause for celebration for your average citizen, it’s a cause for concern for emergency room technicians and local fire and police departments.

The Fourth of July sees a staggering number of people sustaining serious injuries or even being mortally wounded during the course of celebration. The Law Offices of Christopher Der Manuelian want to limit such damage by offering tips that residents of Northern California can enact in the coming weeks.

Mr. Der Manuelian has been serving the area for 26 years. His Modesto personal injury lawyer team hasn’t failed to notice the increase in injuries that happen at this time of the year, and Chris has decided to do something about it.

“I don’t want to sit idly by while people get injured by fireworks and assorted other hazards created by this great American holiday,” said Mr. Der Manuelian. “We’re not trying to put a damper on anyone’s enthusiasm for the Fourth. Quite to the contrary: we’re simply trying to steer everyone out there toward a safe and responsible celebration that won’t put themselves or their neighbors at risk.”

With safety in mind, the firm is offering the following tips to Independence Day revelers:

1. Watch Where That Thing Is Pointed- A single firework is all it takes to send an entire residence up in flames. Persons must leave ample distance from nearby structures so that an errant artillery shell or even flaming parachute won’t create a neighborhood emergency.

2. Watch Where That Thing Is Pointed 2- Fireworks are almost always supposed to be set on the ground to be lit. Unfortunately, some people seem to think that roman candles and other projectiles are appropriate to brandish. Do not pick up any fireworks during lighting, and never point a firework at another individual, no matter how innocuous it may seem.

3. Not So Wild About Fires- A large swath of California has been in the throes of a serious drought. These type of conditions are a recipe for disaster when it comes time for the Fourth of July. Listen to all local weather warnings in the lead-up to the holiday, and if a wildfire is a possibility, be ready to change celebration plans.

4. Storage For Next Year- At the end of the night, many people might find themselves with a surplus of leftover fireworks. Rather than stock up on these, dispose of them safely. You might even check with local authorities about disposal operations designed to squelch the danger posed by improper storage.

5. Sparkle Sparkle- At some point in time, people started handing out sparklers to children, thinking that was the best thing for them to light when other fireworks proved more dangerous. Unfortunately, sparklers actually lead to more injuries than any other type of firework out there. Don’t let children hold them, and consider refraining from purchase entirely.

6. Raining On The Parade- A dangerous situation doesn’t necessarily require fireworks. All manner of parades will be held, and many of these will see floats roving through densely populated areas. Keep kids a safe distance from the parade route, and if candy is being thrown, make sure to keep an eye on children so that they don’t run in front of floats just to get a piece of gum.

7. Safe Cooking- Independence Day is one of those celebrations where people tend to linger at a party for hours and hours. If food is kept outside during the festivities, it’s only a matter of time before foodborne illness sets in. Don’t leave any item out in the open for more than a couple hours, even if that means refrigerating and then reheating food later in the night.

8. Doggone It- Pets can become skittish as fireworks go off, so make sure to keep them indoors and well away from guests. Even a typically friendly animal could become scared and snap at someone during the celebration, and no pet owner wants to deal with that headache.

The Law Offices of Christopher Der Manuelian are a Modesto personal injury law firm. With more than 26 years of litigation experience and a list of notable successes under its belt, CDM Law has long been a touchstone of the Northern California legal community. For more information about the practice, including its work in auto accident litigation, workers’ compensation, premises liability, and other personal injury matters, follow this link. Free consultations are offered to all those who believe they have a case.

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