Bio-Logic Aqua Research Proposes New Water Conservation Model

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New Model Based on CEO Sharon Kleyne’s 30 Years of Water Research

Bio-Logic Aqua Research has proposed a new model for fresh water conservation and recycling based on water research by company founder and CEO Sharon Kleyne over a 30-year period. Kleyne has concluded that the “Earth Model” approach suggests that not all presently used conservation measures are wise and that the Earth can tell us which to pursue and which to avoid. In this instance, “Earth Model” refers to Sharon’s conservation vision modeled after Singapore’s water reclamation project. NEWater is a key pillar of Singapore’s sustainable water supply.

Singapore, a tiny island nation of five million people, has achieved water independence through a comprehensive program of capture, recycling and new technology. Program elements include rooftop gardens, rain barrels, innovative sewer and storm drain systems, dozens of small dams and reservoirs, purifying recycled water to drinkable standards, and desalinization. Conservation includes the use of dual-flush toilets and recycling dish, shower and laundry water for lawns and gardens.

Nearly every drop of water that falls upon the Earth, according to Kleyne, is recycled through the hydrologic cycle, evaporation, runoff and storage in lakes, ground water, oceans and ice. Because water distribution is uneven, every species has some form of special adaptation to exploit the water in their environment. In contrast, the water reclamation efforts developed in Singapore rely on microfiltration/ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and UV disinfection. Singapore does not mine ground water and is attempting to eliminate all water imports.

The human body’s water utilization system, according to Kleyne, offers an important insight into the Earth Model. The body requires a minimum of eight glasses of fresh water each day – more when under stress – whether or not water is in short supply. Conserving water by drinking less constitutes a threat to health and should only be considered when all other methods, such as not washing the car, are exhausted.

When water is in short supply, Kleyne believes, the top priority should be to make sure everyone, no matter where they live or how severe the local shortage, receives their eight glasses. The goal, following the Earth Model and modeled by the water reclamation project in Singapore, would be to recycle the eight glasses so completely, that the same eight glasses could be used again a few days later.

Sharon Kleyne is founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, a fresh water research and product development center focusing on water technology and the atmosphere. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, a 100% pure water mist for dry eyes, is the Research Center’s global signature product. Sharon Kleyne also hosts the globally syndicated Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® radio show on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes.

Developing new water technology based on observation of the Earth Model is a key component of Kleyne’s company, Bio-Logic Aqua Research. The product “Nature’s Tear® EyeMist®” was developed after Kleyne observed that eyes can lose a large amount of water to the air due to evaporation but that under the right circumstances, eyes can also absorb a surprisingly large amount of water directly from the air.

Kleyne combined these discoveries about ocular water absorption with the lesson from the air plants about obtaining water by exploiting a very small niche. When eyes or skin become too dry because of low humidity in the surrounding atmosphere, Kleyne discovered, this can be alleviated simply by supplementing the humidity for a few inches in front of the eyes and face.

Kleyne, along with the Bio-Logic Aqua Research Medical Advisory Team, has invested several million dollars in developing a technology for humidity supplementation of the micro-environment. The result is Nature’s Tear® EyeMist®,” a personal hand-held device that emits a small quantity of ultra-fine mist resembling humid air. The minuscule quantity of fresh water required to create this tiny, supplemental humidity envelope, is measured in nano-liters. Kleyne’s ongoing research has discovered that application of this minute quantity of supplemental moisture can significantly improve eye and skin comfort and that adding a larger amount of water to the eyes would be wasteful.

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