New GoldKey Security Solution Challenges Industry Leader RSA

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WideBand Corporation launches "Gold Initiate" to compete head-to-head with RSA security.

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'In spite of the fact that security threats are exploding, enterprise security has evolved little...Gold Security provides a truly elegant, certificate-based solution, which is already built into every GoldKey security token.' Dr. Roger Billings

WideBand Corporation, maker of GoldKey Security Tokens, announced today the launch of its new, state-of-the-art security system called Gold Security. The new system has been designed as a “drop in” to replace RSA tokens in secure authentication systems.

Gold Security takes on one of the biggest problems of RSA, the total cost of ownership. In the RSA environment, every three years users must go through the ritual of replacing tokens because they have expired or their batteries have run out. Deploying new tokens is labor intensive. It is a big, linear expense that does not go down with scale. Nobody likes it, but there has not been a viable alternative – until now.

GoldKey tokens drop into existing Active Directory installations out-of-the-box. “Gold Initiate”, a component of Gold Security, completely overhauls the deployment process. Upon insertion of a GoldKey token into a user’s computer, the software auto-installs through Windows Update, and the user is prompted to create a new PIN for the token. Certificates are auto-enrolled, and like magic, the user is already up and running. The process is like nothing else on the market.

Moreover, GoldKey tokens do not require a central authentication appliance for token management. GoldKey is the first security token ever to fully utilize the security management functions already built into Windows Servers. With GoldKey, the functionality of the RSA Security Appliance is provided by elegant but heretofore unused features native to all Windows Servers. This feature makes GoldKey deployment amazingly simple and elegant.

GoldKey also provides seamless certificate lifecycle management. Auto Certificate Renewal eliminates workflow disruptions and security concerns due to expired certificates. According to enterprise security expert Dave Corcoran, “Most people are not even aware of how well Auto Certificate Enrollment works with the latest Windows Server product. In terms of ease of use – it’s a game changer.”

In addition to simplified administration, GoldKey tokens have no batteries to restrict token life, greatly reducing the cost and disruptions of regular RSA token replacement cycles. Since all authentications are done on the local Windows server, it is never necessary to authenticate over the Internet to a remote RSA appliance. GoldKey security tokens have received FIPS 140-2 validation from NIST. They also have passed Cisco VPN testing for next generation encryption and authentication using Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC).

“In spite of the fact that security threats are exploding, enterprise security has evolved little in the past decade,” says Dr. Roger Billings, Chairman and Founder of WideBand Corporation. “Gold Security provides a truly elegant, certificate-based security solution while offering a smooth transition to the next-generation security technologies which are already built into every GoldKey security token. Deploying GoldKey in an existing Active Directory installation is, in most cases, easier than renewing RSA Security for another three-year cycle.”

GoldKey Security tokens are developed and manufactured in the US by WideBand Corporation, a security technology pioneer. Their patented Hierarchical Token Management system provides the capability for Master tokens to be issued to departmental managers, allowing them to unlock tokens for users who have forgotten their PINs. The technology also provides the ability to deploy GrandMaster tokens which allow enterprise managers the ability to manage, block, and monitor Master tokens and user tokens throughout the organization. The system also provides several other advanced security features, including the ability to securely share encrypted files on the customers’ existing servers and data stored in the cloud.

WideBand offers a special program to allow users to install and test GoldKey in their own network environment. To set up onsite testing of the GoldKey solution, users can apply online at

Users can also receive a complimentary enrollment for the online certification course. The course is taught by security expert, David Corcoran and is offered by the International Academy of Science. Details of the course cover the deployment of the GoldKey security tokens in a certificate based system. To learn more, visit the following link:

About WideBand Corporation
WideBand Corporation, located in Independence, Missouri, has been a pioneer in the research and development of high-tech networking and security products since 1994. WideBand is the developer and manufacturer of GoldKey Security Tokens, which are manufactured in their Gallatin, Missouri manufacturing facility. Already deployed by customers in over 40 countries, GoldKey tokens offer a bold new approach to solving cutting-edge security problems. Included in their solutions is shared access to encrypted files stored in the cloud, PIV smart card and certificate support to provide compatibility with legacy security systems, and advanced two-factor authentication including soft-token support on mobile devices.

WideBand Corporation operates its own million square foot underground data center which provides GoldKey protected secure storage to customers. The company’s Custom Solutions & Deployment Team provides “hands-on” support to customers with special security needs.

GoldKey, Gold, and WideBand are registered trademarks of WideBand Corporation. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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