Huahai Vitiligo Hospital Accomplishes Twelve Medical Publications in 2014

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Huahai Vitiligo Hospital successfully published twelve new texts in 2014 to detail major breakthroughs in the treatment of vitiligo. Huahai’s holistic treatment approach effectively marks the end of vitiligo being considered an incurable condition.

Huahai Vitiligo Hospital published twelve texts in 2014 to detail major breakthroughs in the treatment of vitiligo. These breakthroughs are the result of combining the practices of both traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine. Huahai Vitiligo Hospital believes that receiving proper vitiligo treatment is now a world-wide issue, due to the steady increase in reported cases. Because traditional approaches alone historically have not delivered a successful treatment method, Huahai has combined elements of modern medicine with traditional Chinese medicines to provide a holistic, successful cure for vitiligo.

Due to the imminent demand for innovative vitiligo treatment, the Huahai Vitiligo Hospital has published twelve medical texts this year to detail their holistic approach. These publications include, The Research of Vitiligo, New Theory of Vitiligo, The Vitiligo Therapeutics, The Treatment and Nursing of Vitiligo and Vitiligo Nutrition. These books are the result of 20 plus years of research completed by Dr. Cheng Aihua and her scientific research team.

Dr. Cheng Aihua, a renowned scientific researcher and the director of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital explains, “These works cover everything from vitiligo pathogenesis research to theories of new technological developments, from effective clinical and psychological nursing methods to supplemental diet research. These works provide complete, thorough and systematic vitiligo treatment options. We have mastered vitiligo occurrence, development patterns, and a holistic treatment philosophy, which marks the end of vitiligo being considered an incurable condition.”

Dr. Cheng Aihua is celebrated for her expertise in traditional Chinese medicine. She has been engaged in vitiligo research for 30 years, which qualifies her rich experience in the theory and diagnosis of vitiligo. She famously formulated the theory "Black and White Cured Together", which is now an industry standard for treating vitiligo. This technique marked a major breakthrough in eliminating or isolating the cause of vitiligo, controlling its development and activating pigment regeneration. Her research signifies the end of vitiligo being deemed incurable, and thus begins new era for modern medicine. This technology has already benefited over a hundred thousand patients worldwide. Dr. Cheng Aihua is considered the highest level authority in the scientific research of vitiligo treatment.

These twelve new research based works integrate both practicability and science; they represent the forefront of vitiligo research. These texts detail new results, technology and methods, and incorporate both traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine to accurately treat vitiligo.

About Huahai Vitiligo Hospital
Huahai Vitiligo Hospital is based in Binzhou, China and is supported by the United Nations as a scientific demonstration base for the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo. This organization implements the newest technology of "BWCT", which has successfully cured thousands vitiligo patients. Huahai’s information is translated into more than 100 languages. Their mission is to provide services to vitiligo patients worldwide.

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