Rare and Endangered Baby Poitou Born at Davis Farmland in Central MA

Birth of rare baby Poitou discovered by 7th generation farmer Ben Davis. There are only about 100 pure bred Poitous left in the world.

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Davis Farmland Celebrates Birth of Rare Baby Poitou

“It was the moment I’ve waited for all year – the baby Poitou is so cute and has huge ears!” - 7-generation farmer Ben Davis

Sterling, MA (PRWEB) July 04, 2014

Davis Farmland in Sterling, Massachusetts proudly announces the birth of a baby Poitou donkey boy - one of the rarest animals on Earth!

“There’s only about 100 pure bred Poitous left in the world,” explains Larry Davis, 6th generation farmer and co-owner of Davis Farmland. “We are so excited and proud of the baby’s parents, Duke and Duchess. Duchess who endured a year-long pregnancy!” Poitous are tall animals with Rastafarian-like hair, llama-like legs, big ears and a small rat-like tail.

7-generation farmer Ben Davis, who discovered the baby while feeding the animals breakfast exclaimed, “It was the moment I’ve waited for all year – the baby is so cute and has huge ears!”

Poitou’s (Baudet du Poitou) great history dates back to the Roman Empire, including an occasional ceremonial ride by a Pope. With the invention of motorized machinery like tractors and 4-wheel drive vehicles, there is now little to no demand for Poitou’s in the agricultural economy, endangering the existence of the breed. In the 1950’s, their numbers declined to less than 70 animals world-wide.

Davis Farmland’s mission is directed at saving endangered farm animals from extinction,” continued Larry Davis Farmland. “It took an extensive search to find a pair of pure-bred breeding Poitous because many have been cross-bred with donkeys, which would compromise the conservation effort.” Davis Farmland is the largest sanctuary of endangered livestock in North America.

Editor Notes:

  • We are pleased to invite you to visit our baby Poitou by appointment. Please call to set up a time. (978)422-6666 x 305
  • Additional photos are available upon request.
  • Click this link to view video footage of the baby Poitou. http://youtu.be/bpmbJ8T-JAw


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