Ridding the World of Jerks - JerkStopper Introduces the JerkStopper Brand and Its 12-Strong Superhero Squad of Cable Management Devices

JerkStopper launches 12 new cable retention devices designed to eliminate electronics damage caused by jerks, tugs and pulls that dislodge or ruin electronics cables and ports, leaving innocent victims with damaged and irreparable devices. Electronics users, IT professionals, musicians, audio techs and others can now avoid costly repairs to computers, servers, tablets, cameras, soundboards, musical instruments, monitors and many other devices.

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JerkStopper Guitar Kit

JerkStoppers rid the world of jerks by creating an anchor that alleviates damage caused by yanks, pulls and jerks on computer, video, photo, audio, musical and personal device cables and ports.

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) July 08, 2014

JerkStopper™, founder of the world’s leading cable retention system, is leading a new global initiative to rid the world of jerks. Fostered by the success of JerkStopper Computer and Camera Support devices, which are already fighting evil lurking in the darkest reaches of businesses, homes and photo studios, JerkStopper’s all new line-up of 12 superheroes are poised to take on cable management demons the world over. Check out the full lineup of action stars here: http://www.JerkStopper.com

The latest heroes to join the JerkStopper team of avengers includes Twist, Stretch, Catch, Zip and a powerful team of Clamps. Jerks, tugs and pulls can dislodge or, worse yet, ruin both cables and ports, leaving innocent victims with damaged and irreparable devices as well as costly repairs to computers, servers, tablets, cameras, soundboards, musical instruments, monitors and many other devices. The JerkStopper’s main mission is to ensure these jerks, trips and yanks won’t dislodge the power cords and cables that keep the world’s technology running smoothly.

Meet the newest members of your Superhero Team:

  • Twist – A simple “twist” secures a cable on any item up to 2.5” in diameter. Easily remove and reattach as needed.
  • Stretch – Ideal for any cable that’s on the move. The stretch application provides needed leeway as the cable is in motion.
  • Zip – Secure to any object up to 6” in diameter. It’s a reusable tool that creates a great long-term hold on a cable!
  • Catch – Prevent cables from falling to the floor or behind a desk. Catch keeps cables exactly where you need them, for the next phone charge, power connection, hard drive mount and more.
  • Guitar Kit – Avoid static, popping and plug damage. It features quick-release and easy installation for switching out guitars without missing a beat.
  • Quick Clip – Perfect for swapping out cables on the fly. Clip to any nearby wire or rod and keep all needed cables close.
  • ProTab Cable Ties – Never lose a cable tie again! ProTab Cable Ties uniquely secure to the cable or cord. Coil cables, hoses, tools, yoga mats and more.

How the JerkStoppers Work:
JerkStopper Cable Retention Devices prevent you and others (kids, dogs, clients, customers, musicians, hooligans and villains of all types) from costly damage to electronics and cables. When clamped securely to the cable, the varying JerkStoppers twist, clamp, strap and stretch to create an anchor that keeps the cable connected securely in the port and maintains a solid connection to prevent damage to the device or cable, should the cable get jerked.

About JerkStopper:
At JerkStopper, our mission is simple: Protect our customers’ computer, video, photo, audio, musical and personal device ports and cables from expensive damage and repairs. We strive to provide the best cable retention and cable management products, paired with superior customer support. JerkStopper designs and manufactures the majority of our products in the United States and we take great pride in ridding the world of evil jerks. (US Patent No. 7,537,477) JerkStopper is a sister-company of Tether Tools.

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JerkStopper Laptop Safety Kit JerkStopper Laptop Safety Kit

Keep computer power, sync and data cables securely connected at all times.

JerkStopper Twist JerkStopper Twist

Keep computer and electronics cables in place, up high and out of the way.

JerkStopper Catch JerkStopper Catch

Keep personal cables nearby and protected at all time.

JerkStopper ProTab Cable Ties JerkStopper ProTab Cable Ties

Clean and Organized - keep cables of any size orderly and in proper working condition with ProTabs.