Papros Data Site Introduces Web Based Data Stevedoring Services for Supply Chain

Platform agnostic data stevedoring is first of its class in bring data manner most efficiently, while transporting the data in the exact form used by the preparer.

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Fills an unique need for collecting conflict mineral reporting templates, among other features that help the supply chain.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) July 09, 2014

In the latest exciting news release from Green leader Papros Inc, a web data stevedoring service was released. This will be free to use, but requires authorization when posting for a company and receiving data. This authorization steps are detailed in

Dr. N. Nagaraj had this to say, “The fact is that this site fills an unique need in the supply chain in that it transports not just the data, but in cases where needed, the actual form used by the user. This is valuable in instances such as the CMRT (Conflict Minerals Reporting Template), which though is not a real standard in the traditional sense of the word, is a de-facto standard because of its prevalence and acceptance. Suppliers and Customers are able to map their supply chain in full confidentiality, and data is sent through mutual acceptance. Based on this information, only the customers of the supplier will be provided the data. The data from all pertinent suppliers is bulked up, and a variety of options is available, including web services to provide data to the end user, making it so much more valuable.”

In addition, Papros Inc offers through its flagship product MRPRO(TM), an entire slew of mobile, desktop and web based tools in the area of greening the supply chain. Papros Inc also offers a version of MRPRO(TM) through the CFSI for free use to users. This web data stevedoring can complement that data created (but this web data stevedoring option is offered directly by Papros).

About Papros Inc: Papros Inc. has been committed to providing Total Environmental Management solutions to US and International companies. “Optimizing the Greenback and the Green Environment” has been the slogan of Papros Inc. since its inception more than twenty five years ago. Based in San Jose, California, Papros Inc.’s solutions span the entire spectrum of Environmental Management, featuring tools to enable corporations worldwide to deploy and manage product environmental lifecycle data in a manner that is efficient, easy-to-use and economical. Papros aims to proactively support the infrastructure needed for manufacturing and for rapid changes in product design.



The AJAX based web viewer will disseminate parts information efficiently.

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