Introducing Collin Evans, Houston's Misdemeanor/Felony Criminal Expungement Lawyer

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The Law Office of Collin Evans is pleased to announce that Collin Evans was named one of Houston’s Top Lawyers for 2014 by H Texas Magazine . Collin is a Felony & Misdemeanor Expungement Criminal Lawyer & Attorney in Houston .

Some criminals just don’t fit the stereotypes when their headlines hit the wire. Regardless, breaking the law is a crime and results in a criminal record. When it comes to the process of "clear my criminal record Houston" or any city such as New York, you'll need someone like Collin Evans.

Recently, a teenager climbed to the top of the new World Trade Center #1 to simply ‘’take pictures’’. The 16 year old teen is from Weehawken, New Jersey, and is a self-proclaimed climbing enthusiast. This daredevil found his way through a fenced off construction area then proceeded to make his way up using a ladder, scaffolding, elevators, and finally some stairs to reach the peak of the 1,776 foot tall tower. Imagine the view, until he got caught. More information can be seen here published on March 21, 2014.

"Unauthorized site seer? To put it lightly yes. Most of society might think this only deserves a slap on the hand." Collin Evans said. Possibly, but now he is a criminal in the eyes of the law. That means depending on the outcome of his case, this teenager could carry a criminal record on his shoulders. That record will follow him through life when applying for jobs, schools, insurance, or credit.

In a similar case, a group of guys parachuted off the same World Trade Center building and were hoping not to end up convicted felons. Daredevil or adrenalin seeking enthusiasts, they will not be let off without penalty. "There are countless cases like this that society doesn’t think of as true crimes in comparison to the violent and shocking cases people usually see in the headlines." Collin Evans said. Yet, the law is the law, and so are the consequences of carrying a criminal record. More information on the incident here which was published on September 20th, 2013.

These examples are about criminals in New York, but there are similar cases in states all over the country. Who is out there to advocate for those who made a seemingly harmless, stupid mistake, and didn’t think it through before acting? Is there any way to make it all go away for the ‘’not so bad” criminals? Surely some offenders are able to carry on a normal life, get a good job, buy a house, and be successful. How?

The answer is within the phrase "clear my criminal record" with a top expungement lawyer, like attorney Collin Evans. The Law Office of Collin Evans is based out of Houston, and he has personally dealt with cases like the trespassers in New York’s towers, as well as more complicated cases. Collin’s purpose is to make it all go away by providing a clean slate/record. His goal is to get his clients back on the path to living their normal lives, whether their lapse in judgment resulted in a misdemeanor or a felony.

Collin Evans grew up in Katy, Texas and is a graduate of the University of Texas. Not only is Collin skilled with a law degree, but has also had hands on and personal experience with three of the top criminal defense lawyers in Houston. The Law Office of Collin Evans serves clients in the greater Houston area including Harris, Ft. Bend, Montgomery, Chambers, and Jefferson Counties but regularly travels across the State of Texas to fight for clients’ rights.

To learn more about Collin, the premiere Houston expungement lawyer, or to receive a free consultation,visit:

The Law Office of Collin Evans
917 Franklin St #600
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 225-0650

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